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Brotherhood Of The Just

"If You See Their Faces You Know You're Dead."

-Barkeep: Sailor's Rest Tavern

This mysterious group of men bring new meaning to the phrase "I don't want to meet him in a dark alley" They wear plain black robes with deep hoods and red sashes around their waists. No one has ever seen their faces. And no one ever does, because there is a rumor whispered around. "If you see their faces, you know you are to die."

The road to the Brotherhood is one filled with pain. The ceremony in which a man joins the Brotherhood is strange and almost barbaric, but the people do not question the priests. When a man is accepted, the first part of the ceremony is a ritual five day fasting. This includes no water. This part of the ceremony is to eliminate the weak of heart and will. It also is considered a purification process. The Brotherhood believes in the saying 'Only the strong will survive'. The next phase is the removal of the tongue. That way the deep secrets of the priesthood stay a mystery. Acts they view, the other priests are forbidden to see. So to insure that the other branches of the priesthood never know about these secrets, the High Priest has the Brotherhoods tongues removed. The last part of the ceremony doesn't have the brutality of the other parts. The final act is called the Shrouding. The new member is brought before the High Priest. The High Priest tells the man what an honor it is to be one of the Just. Then after that the hood of the man's robe is pulled up to cover his face. The hood will forever stay up, because no one is to see the face of the Brotherhood. None of the other branches of the priesthood have such a brutal or elaborate ceremonies.