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High Lord Aldris Sharon


PLAYED BY: Kimberly Stewart

ACTOR: Brendon Fraser

RACE/TOWN: Human/Ishmar


JOB: High Lord of Ishmar

ORIGIN: Ishmar

AGE: 22

HEIGHT: 6'1"

LOVERS: Had one when he was very young

WIFE: Not yet.

BEST FRIEND: Markus Ousburn, Knight-Commander


MOM: Lady Matlin Sharon (deceased)

Dad: High Lord Crysmar Sharon (deceased)

SIBS: Shanzena, Mellar and Matrim

KIDS: None Yet.

OTHER: Maybe

PETS: HighStep, Horse.


HAIR: Dark blonde, cut short up top but left long in the back.

EYES: His eyes are a captivating blue.

MOUTH: Fairly normal as humans go. It's usually set in a firm look

SKIN SHADE: A bronzed tan.

NOSE: It has a slight hawkish look to it.

SCARS/DISTINCTIONS: A small slash mark across one cheek, Markus has one just like it. It's a childhood pact to protect the other.

BUILD: He's body is well toned. His shoulders are broad and his hips thin. He basically has the look of a formidable leader.

OVERALL FACE: A strong looking face. A square jaw and strongly pronounced cheek bones. He wears a short goatee like beard. A neatly trimmed pencil thin moustache compliments it. The color of the beard is a light brown.

VOICE: A deep baritone


COLOR SCHEME: He wears the tans and gold of his city-state.

CLOTHES (SUMMER AND WINTER): The outfit he is commonly seen in starts with a golden colored shirt. It has long billowing sleeve that are fitted around the wrists. He usually leaves the collar open. The shirt is tucked into a pair of dark tan trousers. These in turn are tucked into a pair of calf-high, hard soled, tan boots. Over the shirt he wears a tan leather vest. It has gold studs as trim.

JEWELRY: He wears a circlet crown. Many visiting Lords marvel at its make. Its primary color is gold, but swirled within the gold is silver and bronze. The front of the circlet is larger then the rest. It has to be to fit the five stones in the front. Ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond and opal. The four crystal stones are not faucet. The raw crystal has been rounded and polished. The other item he wears is the family ring. It contains the crest of Ishmar. A gold sand tiger rampant, on a field of tan.

WEAPONS/TOOLS: His weapon of choice is a sword. But he has a hunting knife in his belt and a small dagger in his boot.


He was a surprise for his parents. They were not expecting a child. In fact they were certain Lady Matlin was barren. Aldris sure proved that wrong. Now that Aldris was born he would be heir and not Mellar the adopted son. Which Mellar admits was fine with him. Aldris didn't have a true childhood. He was taught from an early age the politics of the court. But what little time he had free, he spent with Markus. Markus at that time was a squire to one of Ishmar's knights. The two of them were drawn into trouble as often as they could. Whether it was to snatch a piece of pie from the kitchen or scare the girls. As they got older their duties changed. Aldris was buried in court ethics while Markus was out tending his knight on the battlefield. They never lost their friendship. And on an occasion that they got together, they made an oath. An oath that they would protect the other and those they loved and to seal bond they cut their cheeks. Lady Matlin had a fit over the cut. She just couldn't believe that Aldris would do such a thing, but the High Lord just shook his head and laughed. During those times Shanzena and Matrim were born. He and Matrim never really got along, but Shanzena he protects fiercely. Especially when other children would teased her about her blindness. When Lady Matlin died giving birth to Matrim, Aldris deeply mourned her lost. He loved her and always found comfort in talking to her about his problems. As he grew up he started to accompany Mellar on his trips into the city. One time his brother took him to a candle shop, and that was went he first met the girl who stole his heart. He didn't really know her name, because Mellar didn't supply it and Aldris was to embarrassed to ask. It hurt him deeply when years later the shop was burned down and the girl disappeared into the slave ranks.

When Aldris was eighteen his father took him aside and told him about the Resistance against the Priests. Aldris jumped on the band wagon right away. He had hated the priest for sometime. He had been disgusted when he watched demon sacrifices. He didn't see any danger in these child-sized spirits. In fact he had been fascinated by the spirits. When his father's people freed the Chieftess of the spirits he was impressed by the fierceness these spirits possessed. His hatred for the priests became deeper when his father was poisoned. It was this event that made him decide to bring the Resistance and the Spirit tribe together in an alliance. And so he stands on the threshold of a city divided by hatred. On top of this he fights his heart, because of his love for a common girl, Bryna. Will he ever find out who she really is?

PERSONALITY: A caring person. He has a soft heart, somewhat hardened by the events in his life. He is known for his dark brooding. But his whole person seems to demand respect. When he is around Markus he has a dark sense of humor

SKILLS: He is an experienced sword fighter, leader and military tactician. He is well educated as a Lord should be.

OUTLOOK ON LIFE: It is to be lived to it's fullest.

LIKES: Quiet moments, sword practice with Markus, being with his family, and Bryna.

DISLIKES: The Priests. Having to be a leader.

SEES SELF AS: Protector of the people.

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: Not only is he High Lord, he is also the Leader for the Humans Resistance against the priests.