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(Shadow Walker)




    KNOWN BY: No one


PRESERVER NAME: "Shadowfast Highthing"

RACE/TRIBE: Elf / DesertWinds Tribe


ORIGIN: DesertWinds

AGE: 72

HEIGHT: 4'1"

LOVEMATES: A few, none at the moment




MOM: Mera (Dead)

DAD: Ternin (Dead)

SIBS: None

KIDS: None

OTHER: Unknown


ANIMAL: Dune Dog

GENDER: Female

AGE: 4

COLOR/LOOKS: Midnight is large and possesses a powerful build - especially for a female Dune Dog. Her coat is jet black and her eyes a soft brown color

PETS: None


HAIR: Althair wears his hair short for an elf, just down to the bottoms of his ears. His hair is black and has no adornments or bindings of any sort

EYES: His eyes are a vibrant green color, flecked with brown that increases in intense light.

MOUTH: Thin and tight lipped, not often used for laughter or anything save quiet speech.

SKIN SHADE: Exposed to the sun far less than the other elves, his skin shade is noticeably lighter than the others of the tribe.

NOSE: Straight and of average size, unremarkable in its form

SCARS/DISTINCTIONS: A few minor scars, but nothing that stands out

BUILD: Slim and wiry

OVERALL FACE: Shield shaped

VOICE: He speaks quietly, in a smooth voice that holds a blend of darker and lighter tones. (He could probably sing either a minor bass or tenor part if pressed.)


COLOR SCHEME: His clothing always blends with his environment- either sandy colors for the day or black clothing for the night. Though he prefers to work at night he keeps the proper attire for work when the daystar is shining.


Althair dresses- regardless of the season- in tight, thin fabric of a color appropriate to his work, usually black. He wears a long-sleeved shirt tucked into pants bound at the waist with a black strip of leather. His boots are black leather and the pants tuck into the tops of the boots. He wears a cloak that trails to the backs of his calves. He almost always goes about veiled and hooded- the sun being uncomfortable on his sensitive eyes, and threatening burns on his pale skin

JEWELRY: None, accessories provide too much noise and distraction for him

WEAPONS/TOOLS: He specializes in daggers, the use of which he has refined almost to an art form, spending decades in pursuit of greater skill with small blades. He can match any sword or spear with his knives- fighting with one or two daggers, or throwing them from a distance with an effectiveness that has led him to eschew archery.


Born many years after the slaughter that devastated the elven tribes, Althair has none of the dark memories that haunt his elders. This is a blessing, for he possesses dark memories enough. His parents were both slain before him when they stumbled upon a sand snake with her brood. For some reason he has never determined, the snake seemed entirely unaware of his presence and he was able to scurry back to the tribe. Bereft of family at the age of 15, his upbringing was completed by the community, a familiar situation for many of the desert elves. He had a couple of brief lovemates, but found himself often drawn within and unable to give as much as was asked of him. As he matured he began to develop a nocturnal pattern, finding himself more at home with the cool night air, the glimmering stars, and the darkened sands. Soon he became uneasy in the light and began to sleep while the others worked, rising as they settled down. His self-appointed duty of a night wanderer is a lonely one, but it has yet to get him down. Learning the arts of stealth through trial and error and unswerving persistence coupled to surprising natural ability he now can move like a ghost so stealthily that it seems almost magical. Fiercely devoted to self-improvement through his own rigorous efforts, he values each moment in life for its unique experience and potential. While his tribe sleeps he is abroad on the dunes, keeping watch over all who would pose a threat to his people.

TALENTS (MAGIC): Sending, and his shadow walking is so developed it may as well be magic- perhaps his innate elfin power lends its self to concealing his presence from others minds, or bending the night about his form- but he has no awareness of such a feat if indeed it occurs

PERSONALITY: Althair is quiet, very professional about his work. He values the lives of all his Tribemates but also carries a sense of independence and is at times remote-seeming. He is not one to start a conversation, but he will gladly reply if spoken to. He acts with restraint during celebrations, sharing the experience in a softer fashion than the revels of most.

SKILLS: Stealth, Dagger fighting, proficient in tracking, hunting, and all the necessities of desert survival.

OUTLOOK ON LIFE: Life is as good as you make it. Those who have skill- have an obligation to use it for a greater good

LIKES: Night, sneaking around, thinking quietly, and watching the vastness of the dark desert below the twinkling stars

DISLIKES: Bright light, surprises, and sand snakes

SEES SELF AS: A protector, shadow guardian of his people

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: He really isn't as dark as he looks, if you talk with him you'll find he has a rather optimistic spirit. The brooding look is a reflection of his quiet inner nature.