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"You Can Never Go Home"


PLAYED BY: Michael Jonassen

ACTOR: Cary Elwes

RACE/TOWN: Human/Ishmar


JOB: Sailor

ORIGIN: Ishmar

AGE: 25

HEIGHT: 6' 0"


WIFE: None


MOM: Velcia (Deceased)

DAD: Zane (Deceased)

SIBS: Celest, Sister

KIDS: None


PETS: None


HAIR: Blonde, long, held back in a loose ponytail, hanging mid-back

EYES: Bright green, round in shape

MOUTH: Thin and hardly ever seems to hold anything other then a grin.


NOSE: Masculine and sharp, the tip is pointed up a bit


BUILD: Thin and doesn't seem as if he could lift much but seems to have hidden muscles.

OVERALL FACE: Slightly triangular

VOICE: Deep Bass, often low baritone when in a great mood


COLOR SCHEME: Mostly white and brown

CLOTHES (SUMMER AND WINTER): In the summer and winter he wears a white tunic and a pair of brown pants, which are tucked into a pair of ankle high boots


WEAPONS/TOOLS: Sword, strapped to his hip


Baine was born the first child of Zane and Velcia Powers. His father ran a blacksmith shop so weapons from a young age intrigued him. He spent most of his free time collecting and training with weapons; other times her played sailor with some of the other boys in the city. When he was nine a tragic event happened, his parents gave him a baby sister and stole all his attention. He was jealous and as the two got older he became meaner and nastier to her every time she tried to be friends with him. It wouldn't be until he was sixteen years old that he would realize he needed to be nicer to his sister that she was important and fragile. Everyone was checking the town no one believed the little one would run into the desert, but he just felt he had to check. He thanked his God that day, because he knew if he hadn't checked that Desert Tiger would have eaten his sister. After he killed the large beast he was shocked and somewhat appalled by the sight he saw. The blood and the injury burned into his mind forever, which was the reason that two years later he hopped on a ship and went overseas. To get away from his little sister, and the memories of what happened. The family was split without communication for a long time. Baine spent most of his time loading cargo and working on docks not really worried about returning home to Ishmar. At the age of 25 he decided he'd finally return home, though he thought it would be for a quick visit.

PERSONALITY: Baine is a light-hearted fellow, least that's what he likes people to believe. Deep down he feels guilty for abandoning his sister after a Desert Tiger had practically killed her. He keeps up the appearance of being happy by drinking as often as possible. He does not always seem happy; when he needs to be serious he will be, deadly serious.

SKILLS: Baine is skilled in any weapon made, though his greatest passion is the sword.

OUTLOOK ON LIFE: Best thing to do is not to dwell on things and stay focused on living.

LIKES: Training with weapons, his sister (somewhat), women and alcohol

DISLIKES: Desert Tigers, Blacksmith profession

SEES SELF AS: A coward trying to make things right with his sister

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: Baine is a kind hearted man, though he often stays guilty for things for a long time.