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(Living Life To The Fullest)


PLAYED BY: Jamie Lano



RACE/TRIBE: Half Desert-Bred Elf & Half Winddancer Elf

GENDER: Female

ORIGIN: Evergreen Holt

AGE: 275

LOVEMATES: Nobody special right now. At one time, Fireheart was a lovemate, but he is no longer with us

LIFEMATES: Nobody, and she's not too keen on being 'tied down' with one lover only



MOM: Sryah, Desert Elf (Alive)

DAD: Shadowdance, Windancer (Alive)

SIBS: None

KIDS: None Yet!!!

OTHER: None Known

BONDBEAST: Dirt (Because she likes dirt)

ANIMAL: Dune Dog

GENDER: Female

AGE: 11

COLOR/LOOKS: A sandy brown, medium build.

PERSONALITY: Very happy and frisky, but will become fierce and protect Brekke with her life if her wonderful master is threatened.

PETS: None


HAIR: Her hair is long and a medium brown. She wears it straight, parted naturally down the middle. Because of her almost constant exposure to the sun since she has moved to DesertWinds, her hair has taken on golden highlights.

EYES: Long and thin, kind of slanted, and limpid blue

MOUTH: Small, kind of sly, thin lips

SKIN SHADE: Medium to dark brown, a natural tan that has developed from being in the sun.

NOSE: Small and Impish


BUILD: A cross between Moonshade and Venka- she has Moonshade's strong build, but Venka's fluidness

OVERALL FACE: Very thin, with somewhat slanted eyes.


COLOR SCHEME: Just really bright colors, as bright as she can get away with.

CLOTHES (SUMMER AND WINDER): Whatever she feels like ... she likes revealing clothes, sometimes in white, but otherwise she will wear the brightest colors that she can get away with. Her normal outfit is a bright blue gauzy thing.

JEWELRY: : She changes this frequently, but usually has long dangly earrings, or large ones, and usually has on her gold necklace (similar to Cutter's)

WEAPONS/TOOLS: A silver and a gold dagger, as well as a sword. She handles the bow and arrow well, but does not usually carry one


Brekke's father was a wanderer, as is common with Winddancers. He met Brekke's mother on one of his many treks through the desert. They now travel together. Brekke inherited her father's sense of wandering and a tiny bit of his talent for winddancing, manifested as being able to run fast enough to not touch the hot sand when she runs through it. When she became older she left her parents and traveled through the desert until she ran into the DesertWinds tribe, which she has made her home now. In DesertWinds, she acts as a tribal flirt, and helper. She had a brief relationship with an elf named Fireheart until he mysteriously disappeared. Since then she hasn't taken a particular lover ... yet

TALENTS (MAGIC): Sending and she has a tiny little of her Winddancing talent that she inherited from her father, it's useful for running over hot sand quickly, and running over short distances of water.

PERSONALITY: Somewhat like Skywise in personality, she's a flirt, and enjoys sharing the furs with the opposite sex (or sometimes the same). She's usually happy-go-lucky, but she does know when to cut it out and be serious.

SKILLS: Water-seeking, healing (the bandages and herbs type). She enjoys conning others into doing what she wants them to do, or what she doesn't want to do herself.

OUTLOOK ON LIFE: Life is to be lived... so live it!

LIKES: Guys, humans... (Brekke has something of an inborn fondness for humans. She kind of feels sorry for them)

DISLIKES: She doesn't like it when someone acts too pushy, especially guys, and she hates it when nobody listens to her!!!

SEES SELF AS: Someone to put some fun in the lives of these elves

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: Brekke will act silly and somewhat promiscuous at times, but she actually has a strong head on her shoulders, and will do anything someone asks (unless she can get someone else to do it for her).

DesertWind Artwork By Jamie