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"Not Everything Is As It Seems"



PLAYED BY: Theresa

ACTOR: A very young Demi Moore

RACE/TOWN: Human/Ishmar (Member of The Tribe of Namon)

GENDER: Female

JOB: Shanzena's Lady-In-Waiting and Protector

ORIGIN: Slums of Ishmar

AGE: 20

HEIGHT: 5'11"




MOM: Romona (deceased)

DAD: Waite (Fate unknown, presumed deceased)

SIBS: Quinn, brother (Bryna is unaware of his whereabouts)

KIDS: None

OTHER: Hagan is a "brother" to Brian

PETS: Jena

ANIMAL: Song Bird

GENDER: Female

AGE: 2 Years

COLOR/LOOKS: Sky blue feathers with a white chest.

FACTS: Jena does not live in a cage. She is allowed to fly free, but always returns to Bryna.


HAIR: Was long and blonde, now dyed black to mask her identity. It's is cut short and curls up at the bottom, falls to just above the collar.

EYES: Blue

MOUTH: Full with a small scar on her top lip

SKIN SHADE: Deep tanned

NOSE: Small

SCARS/DISTINCTIONS: Numerous lash marks on her back, legs, and arms. Deep scars around her wrists and ankles. On her back, on her left shoulder, has a brand burnt into her flesh. It was done by Kast, the slaver. The only scar on her face is the tiny one on her lip. She's ashamed of the scars and tries to keep them covered at all times.

BUILD: She is tall and uses her height to intimidate would be aggressors. She works out, with not only a sword but also hand-to-hand combat, so she has good muscle tone. When she disguises herself as a man, her chest is bounded by cloth.

OVERALL FACE: Pretty but has a boyish look to it

VOICE: A soft alto ... as Brian speaks deeper with a sound of the desert sand in 'his' voice



CLOTHES (SUMMER AND WINTER): Usually long sleeves blouse with a long pleated skirt, when out and about at home or in town. Will wear dark trousers, cloak with a veil, and hood when with the Resistance. (Think Arabian Knight) JEWELRY: She once owned a necklace that was half of a golden coin. (Quinn has the other half.) She gave the necklace to a soldier named Hawke four years ago. The necklace is now worn by Markus. (Hawke was killed before Bryna's release.) Bryna does not want anyone to know that the Bryna of today was the candle maker, Bryna, from the past. So, she has made no attempt to reclaim the necklace. She now wears no jewelry. "Pretty trinkets are for pretty ladies." ~ Bryna

WEAPONS/TOOLS: Underneath her skirt she has a large knife sheathed to her right leg. Another blade is strapped to her arm, under her blouse. A flip of the wrist will cause the smaller blade to slide into her palm. When out with the Resistance she has a small broad sword strapped to her back.


Born in the slums of Ishmar, Bryna was the first born of Waite, a dock worker, and his wife, Romona. Her brother, Quinn, followed two years later. Around Bryna's 13th birthday, her father disappeared after speaking out against the Priests and their "God". Romona never gave up hope that her husband would someday return. She started a small candle making business and taught Bryna all she knew about herbs and oils. Together the candles they made became known through out Ishmar for their variety of scents. News even reached High Lord Sharon. Then an awful sickness swept through the slums, taking young and old alike. Bryna and Quinn buried their mother on Bryna's 15th birthday. The twosome swore to their mother they would watch out for one another. Bryna continued making candles and Quinn got a job at "Sailor's Rest". They survived the first year.

Then, one night, Quinn raced home pursued by the city guards. Bryna helped him escape only to be arrested herself. She was sentenced to a life-long punishment as a slave of Ishmar. To catch up on Bryna's past, please read:

Shed No Tears


Cry of Freedom (Coming Soon)

As Shanzena's Lady-In-Waiting she has searched for news of her brother but has found none.

PERSONALITY: In public she's very quiet and shy. She's afraid she might slip and give her past away. Only truly open around Shanzena. Very intelligent, but more street wise than book smart.

SKILLS: Learning to use a sword. An expert at hand-to-hand combat and understands the uses of various herbs. She also knows the dark streets of Ishmar well.

OUTLOOK ON LIFE: Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice.

LIKES: Books, but is unable to read and too proud to admit it, being outside, Shanzena's company and really likes Lord Aldris but has a hard time acknowledging it.

DISLIKES: Locked doors, small spaces, the dark, mirrors, her scars, Kast, anything to do with Mesardee.

SEES SELF AS: Protector of Shanzena

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: Bryna does not cry. The last time a tear fell down her cheek was at her mother's death bed. She's very loyal to all the Sharons but will lay her life on the line for her mistress. Only Shanzena knows all the faces of Bryna. Mellar knows she is the Bryna of the past and was once a slave. The Late Lord Sharon also knew she was a slave. Lord Aldris does not know any of this and Bryna will try her hardest to see that he never does. (However, never is a long time.) When the need arises Bryna will slip back into the role of Brian from the tribe of Namons . . . for the Resistance. Again, only Shanzena knows this . . . though, Mellar suspects.

She works out in private with a sword and practices the skills of hand-to-hand fighting. We are not talking Kung-Fu here. Think more of street fighting. "Your hands have to be faster than a rock rattler's strike, your legs quicker than a Desert Tiger's pounce . . . and move with the swiftness of a hawk in flight." ~ Hagan


Bryna/Brian and Hagan had a special yell they would do before a challenge by another slave and every night before going to sleep. Hagan had a deeper voice, his cry sounded something like this: "HOO-YA!" Bryna/Brian would answer in turn: "HEE-YA!" The one will always follow the other, if both are alive.

*Namon, is No Man spelled backwards.