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Celest Powers

"I'll Be Your Friend Or Your Tool ... If The Price Is Right"



PLAYED BY: Elizabeth Line

ACTOR: Carrie-Anne Moss (From "The Matrix")

RACE/TOWN: Human/Ishmar

GENDER: Female

JOB: Assassin

ORIGIN: Ishmar

AGE: 16

HEIGHT: 5'9"

LOVERS: None that she talks about

HUSBAND: Not yet.


MOM: Velcia (deceased)

DAD: Zane (deceased)

SIBS: Baine, older brother (overseas)

KIDS: None

OTHER: Maybe

PETS: DancingShadows: A large sleek black dog, he is vicious and snaps at anyone that gets to close to himself or his owner. He goes everywhere with Celest, her constant companion.


HAIR: Deep brown, short cut hair. Wild with some bangs hanging over her left eye

EYES: Doe brown with an eye patch covering her missing left eye

MOUTH: Small, full, cupid shape ... hasn't seen in a smile for years

SKIN SHADE: Semi-dark tanned skin

NOSE: Thin, small and somewhat turned up

SCARS/DISTINCTIONS: The biggest distinction is the handmade hide material patch covering her missing left eye and claw scars.

BUILD: Tall, sleek, and graceful

OVERALL FACE: Triangle shaped

VOICE: Soft in volume, cold, and alkaloid, slithering in its brassy chill resounding ...


COLOR SCHEME: Gray, black and brown


JEWELRY: She finds no need for jewelry

WEAPONS/TOOLS: Her favorite weapon is a set of daggers but she also has in her possession many other styles of weapons and is useful with poisons.


Celest was born in Ishmar, the second child in her family. Her older brother Baine was already 9 years old when she was born and wanted little to do with his new baby sister because he wanted all the attention. His attitude changed after Celest turned 7. One morning Celest disappeared from their home, The family, even Baine was frantic. No one suspected sheíd go play outside the city. That was where Baine would find his little sister. By this time he was skilled with various weapons, and it was in Celestís favor that he found her because a desert tiger finding an easy meal had attacked her. Baine brought his little sister back and there was no way to save her left eye, the Tiger had snuck up and raked itís claws deep into her face destroying it. Over the years Celest adapted to her disability and was able to judge distances and such. The most tragic piece of Celestís history was when she was 9. Her brother had left for overseas, and it was just Celest and her parents. Though soon it would be just Celest. Her parents were assassinated; it is unknown to Celest just why her parents were killed. Being on her own now she lived on the streets not having money. She spent her time using the weapons her brother had collected. She would take the weapons out one at a time and use them in a hunt for food unwilling to steal her meals. Because of this move she acquired the skills she holds in each of her weapons.

PERSONALITY: Celest is a very vengeful young woman. She uses her missions to let out aggression when things donít happen the way she plans. She is vulnerable, but she hides it behind a dark, cold exterior. She makes people around her nervous, for she acts at all times as if they will be the next person she kills. Itís nevera threat though, it is merely her cold tone even when allowing people to small talk with her.

SKILLS: She can use practically any weapon with deadly accurate skill, She has trial and error knowledge of poisons and antidotes. She can also move unnoticed and noiselessly practically anywhere

OUTLOOK ON LIFE: She sees her job as a gift to others, life being a huge task with horrible challenges and little in rewards. She sees her job as helping people complete their tasks of living.

LIKES: Death, weapons and poison, her brother Baine, and DanceingShadows

DISLIKES: Everything and Everyone else.

SEES SELF AS: An assassin of relief, relieving practically everyone and thing she is hired to, of the hard task of breathing.

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: Celest is cold, and cruel in appearance only. But if someone gets close enough she becomes a close friend and valuable ally. For the right fee you donít need to get close sheíll be an ally as long as she gets paid.