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(Watching Life Happen From Afar)


CHARACTER NAME: Chavrise, Chavi to most.



KNOWN BY: Parents


PRESERVER NAME: OuchieBack Highthing, DarkHead Highthing

RACE/TRIBE: Elf/DesertWinds

GENDER: Female

ORIGIN: DesertWinds Holt

AGE: 24

HEIGHT: 4'1"

LOVEMATES: Would like a first!




MOM: Venica; SouthWinds; Deceased

DAD: Efriem; SouthWinds; Deceased

SIBS: Ruzien; older brother, (P-NPC)

KIDS: None



ANIMAL: Dune Dog


AGE: 11

COLOR/LOOKS: Soft, beige color. Sort of like ecru. His ears flop over. He has a reddish brown mane, tail fur and socks on his forepaws, Sweet youthful and sometimes over-ambitious, and over-rambunctious.

PETS: Speedy, an ancient desert tortoise with a sandy brown shell and olive colored skin. He has red marks over his eyes.


HAIR: Dark, sable brown hair that flows past her waist. Short, parted bangs, and two longer ear tufts she usually clasps in front of her ears. Her hair is usually braided or in a long ponytail. For celebrations, she clasps it elaborately on top of her head in several braids.

EYES: Wide and rounded, with thick black lashes. Dark blue in color.

MOUTH: Thick bottom lip, the top is fuller, the reverse of pouty lips.

SKIN SHADE: Ruddy golden brown.

NOSE: Straight nose that turns up at the tip.

SCARS/DISTINCTIONS: A long ragged scar on her back from being pushed back into the cave.

BUILD: Thin, lithe. small breasts, long legs. Somewhat boyish in appearances, but obviously female.

OVERALL FACE: Heart Shaped, round cheeks and a pointed chin.

VOICE: Soft spoken, very quiet, like a young Claire Danes. Sounds unsure.


COLOR SCHEME: Maroon, dark blue, white and black.


JEWELRY: Two small golden hoops in her left ear, one at the middle and one at the tip. Her gilded hair clasps, and two anklets. Has a armband and a wristband on opposite arms.

WEAPONS/TOOLS: Short family spear and a bright metal knife that is intricately carved. Both are mostly only for defense. She has tanning tools as well, so she can prepare furs and skins to be made into clothing, tents, water skins, and whatever else the tribe (or Vindra) needs.


Chavrise was born small and weak, with a bone shaking flu the moment she was birthed. The healer could barely save her life then. However, she grew up as any other child would, adventurous and rambunctious. When she was 8 she begged her parents to let her come and learn to hunt ... they agreed. The hunt went well, as her parents were good teachers. They were nearing great cliffs that smelled faintly of human and water, but it was out of their collective minds as they concentrated on the hunt. Then, they heard a small scream. They tracked it to a cave that was little more than an indentation in the rock, and found a small band of humans being attacked by a pair of female desert tigers. Although their basic instinct said run, something inside them said to help them. Then they saw a human child, barely older than Chavi, cowering behind a large human male. Her mother and father instructed her to stay and went to help the humans. In a few moments, all was over with only a few human casualties. The father and son were safe, and as thanks the elder human gave Chavrise’s mother a gilded pendant. They were all leaving the little cliff, when the unfortunate happened. Arrows fell from the sky like rain and a caravan of human slavers fell upon the group. The humans and elves fought, but as soon as the slavers saw the elves, they were killed. Efrien fell back into the cave, taking young Chavrise with him. He hid her with his body with his and died, sending "I will always be here" When she finally got the strength to push her father's body off her, she climbed up out of the cave to see the human family chained in the back of one of the slow moving carts. The boy looked at her very mournfully. Little did she know it wouldn't be the last time she saw him. She laid, crying and sending in the cave for several hours until her brother and several others found her and her dead parents. She gathered their things, and went left, much changed. She has lost all adventurousness, and now only wishes to live a peaceful life

PERSONALITY: Chavrise is a very giving, helpful young elfin woman. She tends to be overly giving at times. Is quiet, and therefore others think she is trying to keep her distance. In reality, she is just shy. When she makes a friend, it is hopefully a friendship that will last for life- at least in her mind. She is very trusting and loving of all elves, couldn't understand how anyone could be other than kind and wonderful. Has seen bad things caused by humans, but refuses to believe they are all bad. Has had enough near death experiences that *someone* has helped her escape from to believe that. Although she is trusting, she is cautious in the desert. Does not trust the animals, other than the Dune Dogs. Don't even try to get her on a Runner. She, therefore is only allowed to come on a few hunts, not that she'd want to.


SKILLS: Her father taught her how to tan furs and leathers. She can't sew very well though, unless you think you need sleeves. She is an acceptable huntress, although she tends to bring up the rear, literally.

OUTLOOK ON LIFE: "Life is an adventure I'd rather watch from my bed."

LIKES: Soft furs, clear nights, sweet root pie, most humans.

DISLIKES: Desert tigers, cocky men, (watch out Kumo!), unnecessary killing, or deaths, thunder, desert twisters.

SEES SELF AS: A helpful member of the society, even though she's somewhat helpless when it comes to violence. Still a child in many ways.

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: Chavrise is still small and weak. Cannot help being the way she is. She was born small; as such she prefers to hunt from a distance. She tries to be helpful and kind whenever she can, though.

DesertWind Artwork By Gina