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(Father ... Storyteller ... Husband)


PLAYED BY: John Stewart



PRESERVER NAME: "No Hair Highthing."

RACE/TRIBE: Elf / DesertWinds


ORIGIN: DesertWinds Tribe

AGE: 150

HEIGHT: 4'11

LOVEMATES: Has had several over his lifetime.

Lifemates: Onsha



MOM: Sunjoy (dead)

DAD: Gremel

SIBS: Freesoul (dead)

KIDS: Jardan and Sasha

OTHER: Maybe


ANIMAL: Dune Dog

Gender: Male

AGE: 20

COLOR/LOOKS: He is a dark brown all over. His mane and tail are a lighter shade of brown.


HAIR: He doesn't have hair, really. He shaves it regularly. He says he's bringing back a tradition, but Onsha thinks it cause he doesn't like his hair. But if you look at his eyebrows, they are a fire red. He has his shaved head covered with a bandana. The tails of it are long and brush the bottom of his shoulder blades.

EYES: Bright green

MOUTH: Regular for an elf. He always looks like he is smiling.

SKIN SHADE: A light tan

NOSE: Normal nose

BUILD: Athletic and Muscular

VOICE: Deep Baritone

COLOR SCHEME: Greens and browns

JEWELRY: A gold necklace

WEAPONS/TOOLS: He not much into weapons, but does carry a short sword and dagger on the hunt.


He never did witness the Slaughter that his Lifemate saw. He was born a few years after. One of his memories is of Onsha carrying him around from time to time. In some ways, these memories make him uncomfortable, but being with her always felt right.

He never could get the hang of the hunt as he got older. He would spend his time daydreaming and creating poems and songs. He was riveted by the stories that were told and could repeat them afterwards with ease. To this day he entertain the tribe with his outrageous stories.

One day, Onsha was having a particularly bad day. She was being confronted about a water shortage, but in truth there was nothing she could do. Halban found her sitting atop a rock outcrop. Why he came there he did not know. He approached her and when she turned towards the sound of his voice... *Boom* it happened. They recognized. He was so happy, especially when they had their children Jardan and Sasha. He had always wanted a family of his own.

Though it wasn't all that easy. Onsha at first refused the Lifemating. She didn't want him to be dragged into the responsibility that she was faced with day by day. Or resent her if she ever had to make a decision that could hurt him. But he wasn't so easily put off and he wooed her everyday and every night until she finally gave into the love she knew was there. And guess what, they recognized again, which is how they ended up with Sasha. Things were quiet for him, until the day Onsha got herself captured by the humans. He had to be held back to keep from going after her blindly. He knew what would happen to her. They would kill her, just like his parents and brother.

Now that she escaped. He is a bit wary of her helping the humans against the priests. However, he knows, as Chieftess there are something she has to do.


PERSONALITY: Carefree and joyful elf. He is known for over-reacting and over-exaggerating He is a big romantic when it comes to his Lifemate. However, he can be quite a fierce opponent when his family or those close to him are in danger.

SKILLS: He is the Holt storyteller. He isn't great, but he is a hunter.

LIKES: Surprising Onsha with romantic gestures, telling stories, moonlight walks, and children.

DISLIKES: The Priests.

SEES SELF AS: Entertainment for all.