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(Future Leader of DesertWinds)






PRESERVER NAME: "Fire Hair Highthing"

RACE/TRIBE: DesertWinds Elf


ORIGIN: DesertWinds Tribe

AGE: 9

HEIGHT: 2' 5"


MOM: Onsha, Chieftess

DAD: Halban

SIBS: Sasha

OTHER: Sharana, The Revered Mother.

BONDBEAST: He has three: Shena, PreyTracker, and Fremor

ANIMAL: Dune Dogs

GENDER: In order: Female, Male, and Male

AGE: All three are a year old, they came from the same litter.


    Shena: Tan with a white nose and paws. Mane and Tail tuff are a darker color of tan.

    PrayTracker: Dark Brown body with black mane and tail tuff. He has a light spot on his tummy near his right front leg.

    Fremor: All tan except for a dark brown stop over (not covering) his left eye, and one dark brown paw (Back right leg.)

PETS: None


HAIR: Bright Fire Red. It's somewhat short, but is wild. He wears a green head band to keep it out of his eyes as best he can.

EYES: Bright Green. Large and childlike.

SKIN SHADE: Light Brown, with a hint of red.

NOSE: Small and childish. It's sprinkled with freckles.


BUILD: Thin and lanky. A bit of muscle tone, but still a lot of baby fat.

OVERALL FACE: Round like any childs.

VOICE: High and childish


COLOR SCHEME: Greens and light tans.

CLOTHES (SUMMER AND WINDER): He wears a simple green shirt, trimmed with yellow. This is tucked into a pair of light tan pants. It's all complimented with dark tan boots, sash, and arm bindings.


WEAPONS/TOOLS: He's still a bit to young for owning any weapons of his own, but the tribe has been teaching him how to use a bow.

HISTORY: Onsha and Halban's First born. He was born during a peaceful time for the elves. They were all finally settled back in the Great oasis. Unfortunately, he grew up the only child his age. The other were either 3 years older or younger. But this didn't really stop him. He still found a lot to get into. When his sister was born, he was only 5 years of age. This was a big day for him, it was the first time he acted as a leader (Yes, he was only 5.) After his mother and Shima protected the cubs from a Spirit Hunter, both of them went into labor. All the children were frightened, Jardan pushed Isbeth to go get the others. However, the others didn't get there soon enough and Jardan found himself holding his new sister. His comment "Eww, icky." He made the tribe proud that day. He proved that one day he would make a good chief. A few years after that he became the surrogate father for three orphaned Dune Dogs. So far that is his life. Who knows what is in store for him in the future.


PERSONALITY: He is a wild, fun loving child. He loves to get into mischief. However, he has tendency towards dark moods ( Like his Grandsire). Upon the up and up he is a happy go lucky child.

SKILLS: Skills? Tall tales and Practical Jokes. Just normal kid stuff.

OUTLOOK ON LIFE: Life is a playground

LIKES: Ame's Sweet cakes, Halban's stories, Kumo (a bit of Hero worship), and playing.

DISLIKES: Being too little to go on hunts, chores, and having to go to bed early.

SEES SELF AS: Sasha and Akan's Protector, because he was there and saw them born.

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: Those three Dune Dogs are very loyal to him and would protect him at any cost.