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(Missing But Not Forgotten)





PRESERVER NAME: Longtail Highthing

RACE/TRIBE: Elf / DesertWinds


ORIGIN: EastWinds Tribe

AGE: 550 years

HEIGHT: Tall for an elf

LOVEMATES: Some before Shima




MOM: Fain, murdered during the Slaughter.

DAD: Baken, murdered during the Slaughter.

SIBS: One younger sister, Sora. Killed during the Slaughter.

KIDS: Akan

OTHER: Unknown

BONDBEAST: Tora (See Shima's CIS for more info)

ANIMAL: Dune Dog

PETS: None


HAIR: Straight blond, almost white and falls below his waist. Usually tied back in a ponytail.

EYES: Blue

SKIN SHADE: More bronze then brown


BUILD: Not overly muscular. Trained himself more for speed and endurance than strength.

CLOTHES (SUMMER AND WINTER): Wears a lot of animal skins, however some of his favorite clothes are soft cloth and dyed different shades of green. Around his waist is a leather belt that holds up to eight tantoo stakes.

JEWELRY: Wears a leather bracelet on his right arm with a decoration of the DesertWind symbol on it. Gave his lifemate a matching one.

    1)Spear: The chosen weapon of this tracker.

    2)Tantoo Stakes: Around his waist he had leather belt that usually held about eight stakes. These were not weapons instead he would plant them in the ground to guide the following hunting party on a trail. The stakes measured almost a foot long on his belt but would unfold to stand about three feet high. They were not permanent markers because of the shifting sands of the desert. The following hunters would collect the stakes as they came to them. The Tantoo Stakes came in three colors; red, blue and green. The red colored stakes issued a deadly warning. If found the hunting party would not continue any further. Across the top would be a number of knife blade notches that would tell the hunting party how far to travel to avoid the danger. This danger could be Sand Cobras or Death Pits for example. The blue stakes warned the party to continue but be alert, danger usually in the form of humans were in the area. The green stakes were markers that the hunters were on the right trail.


Born during the peaceful time of the FourWinds, Kigen had a fairly easy time growing up. Some of his best memories are of the hunts he and Kumo had trying to out do one another kills. They would keep hunting stronger and nastier creatures. His parents thought he would never grow up. Kigen and Kumo decided they were in no hurry and continued their playful ways for almost four centuries. They never shucked their duties, just had fun doing them. Then his sister, Sora recognized a young hunter from the NorthWinds, Tay. What made the event even more joyful were the two had already decided to become lifemates. In honor of the occurrence Kigen decided to present the couple with the skin of a Sand Cobra. A creature neither he or Kumo had ever killed. Of course, Kumo came with him. What a glorious kill! When the two proud hunters were returning to camp, with their prize, they could see black billowing clouds of smoke coming from the location of the holt. The skin was discarded, forgotten, as the twosome hurried toward the holt, sending all the way. Before they could reach it Onsha touched their minds and told them of the slaughter. Kumo who's lovemate and sister had been killed went almost crazy with grief and guilt. Kigen just dropped to the ground numb. His parents were both dead and Sora had been murdered from behind. She was found wrapped in the arms of Tay who had died from a blow to the head. Onsha warned the hunters not to return to the camp but to meet up with the tribe who were already on their way. Kigen found the tribe. His mind was so paralyzed with guilt that he did not recall the trek that got him across the desert. And when asked where Kumo was, he could not answer. Kigen cried out for his soul brother but received no reply. Kumo did not return to the holt.

It took a long time for Kigen to find his way out of the grief and guilt. It did not matter how many times the others forgave him or told him there was nothing he could of done. He still could not forgive himself. Halfway through the 100 Years of wandering Shima was born. Twenty years later Shima's father, Kaze was killed while thwarting a surprise bandits' attack. The tribe called on Kigen to use the knowledge of Kumo's soul name and their strength to group send a message to Kumo that he was needed. Kigen reached out and using the energy of the others he did get the message to the elf. Kumo returned to the tribe five years later. (That, however, is his story to tell.) The two of them tried to pick up were they had left off but both had changed too much. They instead learned to be friends all over again. Kigen had always watched over Shima, for the sake of Kumo. He helped her learn the art of the Throwback and the ways of the herds the DesertWinds hunted. He thought her more as a younger sister then anything else. Then when saving Shima from a rabid Desert Tiger, recognition struck. Not sure who was more shocked. Shima tried to resist but Kigen won her over. Kigen disappeared during a hunt, all they following hunters found was a blood red tantoo stake ... DEATH.

TALENTS (MAGIC): None only sending

PERSONALITY: The first four hundred years, life was a big party to be lived. Then came the Slaughter. Instead of feeling lucky, Kigen felt as if what happened was all his fault. He became engrossed in his duties of a tracker. When he tracked, he was alone and that's the way he liked it. Then Shima was born. A small piece of Kumo was returned to him. He then had another reason to get up in the morning and finally started to live again. At the time of his disappearance he was as duty bound as his mate but he knew how to have a good time.

SKILLS: A very skilled tracker. Could spot a Sand Cobra from two dunes away. Liked to track alone. Other people with him were a distraction. No magic powers, just heightened senses.

OUTLOOK ON LIFE: After the Slaughter a lot of elves said a lot of pretty words to make him feel better. 100 years later a soulmate showed him that there was nothing to forgive. "You cannot change the past but only live for the future." ~ Shima

LIKES: Shima's laugh, Akan's smile, and a good hunt

DISLIKES: Humans, Shima's tears and Runners.

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: Where is he now? Don't know. Too far away to send for help. Shima knows he's alive because of Recognition. Caught by humans? Memory gone? Only time will tell.