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Lord High Priest

"If I told you I'd have to kill you."

CHARACTER NAME: Lord High Priest


OTHER NAMES: Mesardee's Messenger

RACE/TOWN: Human, Ishmar

GENDER: Unknown

ORIGIN: Unknown

AGE: Unknown, believed to be immortal

HEIGHT: 5' 7"

FAMILY: Unknown

HAIR: Unknown, his hair is concealed by an Egyptian style headdress.

EYES: Unknown, Concealed.

SKIN SHADE: Nothing is exposed

BUILD: Loose robes make it tough to see.

OVERALL FACE: Again it is concealed. The Lord High Priest wears a mask of pure white. the material used is kind of like porcelain. The mask is white, symbolic of the pureness of the God.

VOICE: Tends to always be musical, but from generation to generation the voice seems to change slightly, but followers do not question this.


COLOR SCHEME: Rich reds and whites.

CLOTHES (SUMMER AND WINTER): He is always wearing robes. Loose white robes, trimmed with red. His headdress sports the plain circle that symbolizes Mesardee.


WEAPONS/TOOLS: The only weapon he uses is the sacrificial knife. It is a very intricate thing of beauty. It is said to have once belonged to the God himself.

HISTORY: The Lord High Priest is a figure surrounded by mystery about as much as the God he serves. The only thing the people know is that he was granted immortality by Mesardee.

PERSONALITY: He is a very good match for his God. He is cruel and deceitful. He's the type that would make a promise and stab you in the back afterward, literally.

SKILLS: Priestly skills, deceit, and other such things.

OUTLOOK ON LIFE: Life is about power, and he wants more of it.

LIKES: Sacrifices, making his God happy, and the power he has over the people.

DISLIKES: Desert Spirits, the Resistance, the High Lord, and flowers (Dunno why, he's just crazy.)

SEES SELF AS: The hand of Mesardee

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: No one has very seen what the Lord High Priest looks like. Also, everyone thinks he is immortal.