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(Vengeful God of the Desert)



OTHER NAMES: The Vengeful God and Barlamar



PRESERVER NAME: "Nasty Bad Highthing"

RACE/TRIBE: Elf, no tribe


ORIGIN: The Stray Ones

AGE: +10,000, immortal. He is a First Born.

HEIGHT: 6' 2", Tall for an elf

LOVEMATES: He had a few through his years before the madness.

LIFEMATES: He had one: Sharana, but it didn't last long after their child died during birth.

RECOGNIZED: Yes, Sharana


MOM: Hestrilla, High One (Dead)

DAD: Neramor, High One (Dead)

SIBS: None

KIDS: None, only child died during birth.



PETS: He considers his subjects his loyal pets.


HAIR: Dark Brown, it's usually hidden by the Egyptian style headdress he wears.

EYES: Pale brown, flecked with gray with a sinister look

MOUTH: Thin and small, often in a frown.


NOSE: Long thin and pointed.


BUILD: Tall, thin and graceful.

OVERALL FACE: Long, with sharp features.

VOICE: A soft alto, it is soothing and almost hypnotic. No wonder he has such a following.

Color scheme: White and Red.

CLOTHES (SUMMER AND WINTER): He wears white robes trimmed with a crimson red. He usually wears a pair of sandals, the crowning touch an Egyptian style headdress.

JEWELRY: He wears an odd assortment of jewelry. The one to notice is the gold ringlet that is part of his headdress. It is the plainest of his collection. It is a simple circle. No decorations. That is the symbol the humans marked as his.

WEAPONS/TOOLS: His weapons are his subjects. With these pawns his reach is far and wide.


Because of the span of his years I will not dwindle too long on one point in his life. If you have any questions email Onsha.

He was one of the first born to the High Ones. He spent his younger life in the forests of Abode. It was after the tragic birth of his child that the group was forced into the desert. They had never seen the desert and did not realize the trouble they were in. They wandered helplessly not knowing where they were or were to go. When it seemed like it couldn't get any worse, a huge sandstorm took the group by surprise. Barlamar was somehow separated from the group and as he struggled to find his bearings he stumbled and hit is head hard on a rock. As he laid unconscious he had a dream of the other elves finding him and then walking away ... leaving him there. When he awoke, he had no memory of who he was or how he got there. However, there was a nagging feeling that he was missing something more then his memory. He was empty inside and he didn't know why. He stumbled into an oasis on his fifth day of wandering. When he looked up from taking a drink he found himself surrounded by primitive humans. They never met an elf before and where afraid. To them he towered over them and looked down upon them like a god. Barlamar reacted out of instinct as he captured one of them in his Gaze. The humans were in awe, for this had to be a God. So they worshiped him and cared for him and as the generations passed, his control became solid. He was given the name Mesardee, which in the ancient humans languages meant Vengeful God. He watched as the city of Ishmar grew from a little village to a prosperous port city.

And over the recent few thousands of years, he has slowly gotten his memory back. In his mind the group of elves he had been with left him on purpose. That dream seemed real to him and so he saw it as truth. He also grew to realized he no longer had the ability to send. That devastated him, sending is a part of any elf. However, he still had the ability to hold others in his Gaze. This helped in keeping the Priests in his grip. Angered by his delusions, he ordered the Priests to go and find the elves. He wanted them dead and claimed they were Demons. This brought about the elven sacrifices, he loved each one, watching from his secret hiding spot. His biggest success was when they found the elves home and slaughtered them all, or so he thought. He was taken by surprise when the rumors of Desert Spirits start up again. It was all clenched when an old man spread all over town the prophesy that the Spirits would stop the tyranny of the Priests. So now he has found himself up against a new batch of elves and he fears them.

TALENTS (MAGIC): He only has is ability to hypnotize the weak minded.

PERSONALITY: He is in every way a bad guy. He is nasty in every sense of the way. He is obviously mad and enjoys it.

SKILLS: Manipulating, Scheming, and Control.

OUTLOOK ON LIFE: Revenge and Power is all that matters.

LIKES: Every death he watches, controlling his subjects.... oh and midnight strolls through the torture chambers.

DISLIKES: The DesertWinds Elves, The Resistance, and the High Lord.


IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: He cannot send he lost that ability through the blow to his head. Also a very important note is he does not show himself to his subjects, that includes the Lord High Priest. If he needs a puppet for his plans, he will use a Brother of the Just. They cannot speak of what he looks like.