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(Chieftess of DesertWinds Holt)


PLAYED BY: KimberlyStewart


SOUL SISTER: Secca, Tribe Second

PRESERVER NAME: "Scar-Eyed HighThing"

RACE/TRIBE: Elf / DesertWinds Tribe

GENDER: Female

ORIGIN: NorthWinds Tribe

AGE: 200

HEIGHT: 4'3"

LOVEMATES: There might have been a few before she Recognized Halban




MOM: Zerah, Huntress (Dead)

DAD: Tomar, Chief of NorthWinds Tribe (Dead)

SIBS: None

KIDS: Jardan and Sasha

OTHER: Sharana, Revered Mother. Onsha is directly related to her. Cousin Shenleet.


ANIMAL: Dune Dog


AGE: 10

COLOR/LOOKS: Over all sand colored with a black mane and tail tuff. He has a few spot of black, one being over one of his eyes. This coloration gives him his name.

PETS: None


HAIR: A light sandy blonde it is a very, very semi- curly. She has it pulled up into a ponytail that sits almost on top of her hair. Bound up like this it falls to about the bottom of her shoulder blades. She has the Chieftain Braids with one on each side of her face.

EYES: : A clear, yet bright blue. They have an almost feral look to them.

MOUTH: Small, yet full.

SKIN SHADE: It is a rich brown with a hint of red to it, but much lighter then the Sunfolks skin is.

NOSE: Thin and down turned.

SCARS/DISTINCTIONS: Her one visible scar is over her right eye. She has a few other scars on her body from her time in the hands of the Priests. The worst being one that goes from her shoulder to her lower back.

BUILD: It is very athletic in build. She has a stocky yet graceful build, like the wolfriders.

VOICE: Alto, it is a bit rough from the years of desert sand in the throat.


COLOR SCHEME: When she is not bundled up in the plain desert garb she loves to wear maroons and rich reds.


JEWELRY: On any normal day she only wears a pair of gold hoop earrings, but during visits to the humans and ceremonies she wears a gold necklace with an amulet of the DesertWind's symbol.

WEAPONS/TOOLS: She uses a spear as her main weapon. It is a spear that has been passed to her from her father. She also has a dagger and a bow, but these are not used as often.


Before the Slaughter of the tribes, Onsha had a wonderful life. Her father was the Chief of the NorthWinds the head tribe of all the Winds (North, South, East and West). She looked forward to the Spring when all the Tribes came together in The Great Oasis (Now the DesertWindís Main Camp Site). It was during this time she and Secca could get together, since for the rest of the year her friend traveled with the EastWinds Tribe.

The twosome where known for causing trouble and at one particular gathering they decided to prove they were brave huntresses. Their attempt to hunt a full-grown female Sand Snake ended in a disaster, with others having to come and save them. The tribes found Onsha unconscious, the right side of her face around her eye mangled. Secca stood over her friend, protecting Onsha from the snake, the best she could. Onsha was lucky, she came away with her eye still intact, though there were no healers ... so she still bares the scar.

During another gathering, the last one, her life changed forever. How the humans found their camp no one knows. She and a few others herded the children of the tribe into the Garden of the Dead. The Soran the Rockshaper sealed them in for protection. After what seemed like several hours, the entrance was finally opened. The scene outside was horrible, there wasnít an elf left alive.

Onsha was immediately turned to for leadership, being the only surviving elf of the NorthWinds chief lineage. She decided that they needed to get away from the area. So after burning the dead, because there were just to many to bury, they gathered up what they could and set out. Onsha kept the survivors away from the Great Oasis for 100 years. She didnít want to risk the humans remembering where it was. It was an emotional time when they finally made it back. The memory of what happened there was fresh in everyoneís minds, except for those too young when it happen to remember. With a new Rockshaper in their numbers they changed the rocks around the camp to hide it from the humans.

A short time after their return, she Recognized Halban. Over the next several years she would give birth to her two wonderful children Jardan and Sasha. Though it wasn't all that easy. Onsha at first refused the Lifemating. She didn't want Halban to be dragged into the responsibility that she was faced with day by day. Or resent her if she ever had to make a decision that could hurt him. But he wasn't so easily put off and he wooed her every day and every night until she finally gave into the love she knew was there. And guess what, they recognized again, which is how they ended up with Sasha.

A few years passed and things were pretty quiet until during a hunt she came across a human caravan trail. That was when she discovered the city of Ishmar. She returned home to warn the others of what she found. Soon there were scouting parties to watch the activities of the city. During one of these Onsha was captured by a slave caravan and taken to the Priests. She was beaten and tortured. It was set up that she would be sacrificed the next morning, but a secret group of human rebels saved her. This rescue gave the elves a valuable ally, the High Lord Sharon. He is the leader of the human resistance. They snuck her out of the city and let her go. Her life now pretty much consists of fighting the Priests and their followers and keeping her tribe safe.


PERSONALITY: She has a fierce loyalty to her tribe, none can match. She concerns herself in the well-being of her people. At first look she might seem a person to be avoided, but it is only a cover up. Under the hard Chieftess exterior is a soft-hearted elf. She is a caring person who will often put herself second to everyone else.

SKILLS: Leadership, hunter, warrior and a good strategic mind.

OUTLOOK ON LIFE: She views life one day at a time. She doesn't try to think to far into the future, because things are too unpredictable.

LIKES: Halban's stories, a good hunt, and sunsets.

DISLIKES: The Priests and their God.

SEES SELF AS: As the protector of the tribe. In her mind they come first and foremost

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: Secretly she is a hopeless romantic. She is often swept off her feet by her LifeMate's actions. Whether it be a romantic poem or a simple flower.

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