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"For Every Evil Under The Sun ... There Is A Remedy Or There Is None"


PLAYED BY: P - NPC (Theresa)

ACTOR: River Phoenix

RACE/TOWN: Human/Ishmar


JOB: Brother of the Just

ORIGIN: Slums of Ishmar

AGE: 18



WIFE: None


MOM: Romona (deceased)

DAD: Waite (Fate unknown, presumed deceased)

SIBS: Sister, Bryna (Believes her to be dead)

KIDS: None

OTHER: Unknown

PETS: Ryfus



AGE: 2 Years

COLOR/LOOKS: White with pink eyes


HAIR: Sandy Blonde

EYES: Icy Blue

MOUTH: Has thin lips

SKIN SHADE: Milky white ... hasn't seen sunlight in a long time

NOSE: Slightly pointed

SCARS/DISTINCTIONS: Has burn marks in both of his palms.

BUILD: Thin but with some muscle tone

OVERALL FACE: Been shrouded for the past few years




CLOTHES (SUMMER AND WINTER): The robes of the Brotherhood, with a hood pulled up to shield his face from view. JEWELRY: Underneath his robes he wears a necklace with half of a golden coin on it. The other half belonged to Bryna. Outside his robe is the medallion of the Brotherhood

WEAPONS/TOOLS: Has many blades tucked within the folds of his cloaks . . . as any good Brother would have. On his left leg is a special blade . . . one laced with poison.


Quinn was the second born of his family and played the role of "baby" to the hilt. You could have easily called him spoiled. The loss of his father did little to waive him from his ways. However, when he lost his mother a couple of years later he knew it was time to "grow-up". At 14 he took a job at "Sailor Rest", even then he was tall for his age.

Then came the night he overheard a conversation between a Knight Commander and another well dressed male. He did not hear much . . . but enough to cost him his life. After a mad chase through the city streets he made it back to his house. Within, he found his sister, Bryna. She aided with his escape and promised to meet him in a cave they played in as children. From the roof tops above the city, he watched in horror as his sister was lead away by the guards. He still hoped she would be released and went to the cave to wait for her. He waited all night and the following day.

Bartoff, the Barkeeper, told him that his sister had been sentenced to slavery but not to worry, because her freedom would be bought when she came up for sale. Quinn joined Bartoff and watched from afar as slave after slave was brought out and sold. Each time he looked for the long golden tresses of his sister to appear, but they never did. Bartoff went in search of her and came back with grave news . . . there had been a fatal error by the book keeper. Bryna had been thrown in with males instead of being housed with the females. All that remained was her tattered dress and some stands of hair. Her body had already been buried in a mass grave.

After receiving the news, Quinn ran off and returned to the smoldering remains of his house. In the darkness of the night he salvaged as much as he could. That is how his hands became burned. After listening to his sister's screams in his mind for the next couple of months, he made a drastic decision. He would destroy the person responsible of destroying his life . . . the High Priest. Returning to Ishmar he went through the initiation into the Brotherhood of the Just. He suffered all the pain and torment with one thought always on his mind . . . "For Bryna's sake." His goal was simple . . . to kill the High Lord. He even went so far as to cut out his own tongue. Then as he descended further into the darkness of Mesardee, he discovered a new goal. The High Priest was just a puppet . . . when Quinn strikes he's going for the "God" himself. He just wonders what the voices mean that whisper, ". . . his eyes . . . don't look into his eyes . . ."

PERSONALITY: As a child happy and go-lucky as the man he's turned into . . . *shudder* It might be an act . . . or perhaps darkness has won and he's insane with revenge.

SKILLS: Excellent with a blade and knows his poisons

OUTLOOK ON LIFE: Darkness may bend me but not break me ... I can hope

LIKES: Nothing ... nothing matters anymore


SEES SELF AS: Death ... death for everyone he touches

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: Quinn does not know his sister lives. He takes great pleasure in his works as a Brother, but the only people he has killed so far are others like him. In a fit of rage he killed Hawke, the one guard that was kind to his sister. Though was interrupted before he could reclaim the necklace that is now worn by Commander Markus . . . another target for another day.