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Ranir Anhersim

"Someday I Shall Be As Free As My Spirit"

CHARACTER NAME: Ranir Anhersim


ACTOR: Emilio Estevez- Cute, and youthful

RACE/TOWN: Human, Ishmar


JOB: Slave, because of his exotic features he is a house slave.

ORIGIN: Trading Colony Overseas, Belamar?

AGE: 26

HEIGHT: 5'8"

LOVERS: A few with female slaves of the family

WIFE/HUSBAND: Never been married


MOM: Aurile Gorduine (Dead)

DAD: Weirn Anhersim (Slave)

SIBS: A younger sister, Nierma Anhersim (still in hometown)

KIDS: None

OTHER: His mother's brother, his Uncle Iurile Gorduine (Head Butler to the House of Sharon - his contact to the Resistance.)

PETS: Three small dormice he feeds scraps from his scraps. Their names are Nikko, Nakko, and Nukko.


HAIR: Platinum blond, close and shortly cropped, slightly spiked out from dirt usually.

EYES: Wide and slanted, pale green.

MOUTH: Thin lips, a fuller bottom lip.

SKIN SHADE: Creamy light brown, like latte.

NOSE: Wide at the base, but straight.

SCARS/DISTINCTIONS: Lashes from whips across his front and back.

BUILD: Since he's a house slave, he has wiry musculature along his body. It is more important that he looks good than is strong.

OVERALL FACE: Squared, high cheekbones and a strong jaw.

VOICE: Somewhat gruff, but hushed with youthful, melodic overtones.


COLOR SCHEME: When he has the choice, dark blues and greens, however, when he is "on call" he has to wear his "family's" colors, which are dark reddish shades of purple, like maroons.


JEWELRY: Has a single golden ring from his former life, he usually doesn't wear it because the "Family" would think he stole it.

WEAPONS/TOOLS: Has several small daggers hidden in his robes to use for defense of the family.


Born in a successful mercantile family in a city some leagues across the sea from Ishmar. When he was ten he was on his father's ship sailing to a land they had never heard of; Ishmar; where they hoped to make peaceable trade with the city and ignite a new era of commerce. Unfortunately, they landed a little too far down the coast and were attacked by a pair of female desert tigers, then ransacked by slavers who found them in their hapless state en route to the city. As it happened, the peaceful traders of Belamar were not skilled in type of ruthless conflict that slavers tend to use, thus the ship was taken into slavery and all their goods were sold, stolen or broken. When they got to Ishmar, the slavers sold them as exotic gems from across the sea- guaranteed never to strike out, and for a very minimal price. They were all sold quickly, his large father to a mining colony. When (Celest?) saw Ranir, it was all she could do to keep quiet and bid. No one else seemed to want the scrawny boy, so she could do as she wanted with him, and trained him to be stealthy, but kept him weak enough to be unable to resist. He has since made his way amongst the other slaves in the cit and secretly meets with the Resistance as often as he can, and through his Uncle.

PERSONALITY: Ranir is a kind soft-spoken young man. He often appears gentle enough to fool people into thinking he isn't able to hurt them, however his rough life has made him able. Since he is small, he can be greatly feared by the populace that don't find him exotic and new. Has been called "half-demon" and the like many a time by visitors to the estates of his masters. Words just roll off his shoulders, though, as he is a strong and able young man. Intelligent- but not to the point of people realizing how smart he is. Craves freedom more than anything, and does not believe the elves are demons.

SKILLS: Could kill you with a second glance. Well, not literally, but pretty darn close to a glance. Has impeccable aim with his daggers. Also an excellent chef. Has some leadership skills as he is often looked to by the other house slaves for guidance in daily matters.

OUTLOOK ON LIFE: No matter our social, class, or visible differences, inside we are all the same, this is our world, and no one deserves it more than any other.

LIKES: Warm food, learning about the elves, the Resistance, rain showers, and the sea.

DISLIKES: Whips, stealing, dishonesty in any form and conceit.

SEES SELF AS: A man; nothing too special, but not deserving of being a slave either.

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: Ranir's family is wealthy, and powerful in their city. If his sister ever found out he wasn't dead, woe to whomever has been keeping him from her. Has not forgotten what it feels like to be in power, and understands thoroughly the power of suggestion.