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"My Life Would Take a Lifetime to Tell."



OTHER NAMES: The Revered Mother, Mother, First Chieftess, and Stray One


    KNOWN BY: Barlamar and Freestar, there are others not mentioned.


RACE/TRIBE: DesertWinds/ Elf

GENDER: Female

ORIGIN: First Born of the HighOnes

AGE: +10,000 Immortal

HEIGHT: 5'10"

LOVEMATES: Too many to count.

LIFEMATES: Barlamar (Thought to be Deceased) Lost during the crossing. He was separated from the group when a sandstorm hit. Freestar (Deceased) was the father of her son Treston, which was the start of the Chieftain line.

RECOGNIZED: Yes, Barlamar, Freestar and others.


MOM: Lerenna, High One (Deceased)

DAD: Grimdan, High One (Deceased)

SIBS: A Few Unknown Half Sibs (Deceased)

KIDS: Treston (Deceased), Others unknown (Deceased)

OTHER: Onsha, Jardan, Sasha


ANIMAL: Dune Dog Ancestor

GENDER: Female

AGE: Deceased

COLOR/LOOKS: Splashes of Brown and Gray

PETS: None


HAIR: White with highlights of blonde. She keeps her knee length hair up in a bun, tied with a long cord with colored beads at the end.

EYES: Large eye, they seem to hold the wisdom ages. The color of her eyes is a blue green.

MOUTH: Small and yet at the same time full.

SKIN SHADE: A light tan.

NOSE: Small and thin.


BUILD: Thin and Graceful, there is a hint of muscle definition from her harsh life in the desert.

OVERALL FACE: Thin and Angelic, like most of the high one and First born

VOICE: High Soprano(Though a little rusty from years of desert living), very musical and soothing to listen too.

COLOR SCHEME: When she doesn't wear the neutral desert colors she revels in wearing very colorful clothing. It doesn't matter the color as long as it is bright.

JEWELRY: She wears simple gold hoops and a gold stud high on her right ear. When she celebrates with the other during festivals she wears the circlet she wore when she was so very very young.

WEAPONS/TOOLS: As a rule she hates weapons, but Onsha and the others insist she carries a dagger for protection.

HISTORY: Since her life spans hundreds of thousands of years I will hit lightly on it. If you would like a part of her past explained better email me (Onsha), and I will try to answer your question as best I can.

Her parents were High Ones who escaped the massacre at the Palace. There were five others besides her parents. They were taken by a need to procreate and out of that union Sharana was conceived. She came into the world during a winter storm and almost died from it. She grew up in the lush green of the forest. When she was just past her 100th year she recognized Barlamar, but the child from that union was still born. This strained the relationship between the two of them and they parted soon after.

It was shortly after this the band, of now twelve, were chased from their home by group of humans. In their desperation they fled into the endless sand sea of the Great Desert. They felt safe when the humans stop following a few miles into the desert, but they soon found out the folly of what they did. So they wandered the desert hungry and thirsty. Some days later they were hit by a vicious sandstorm, probably the worst the desert had ever seen. Barlamar, some how got separated from the group and disappeared, never to be found. The remaining band of elves huddled in the scant cover of a rock formation. And as the story of the Winter Star goes: Through the dust stirred up by those horrid winds a single star shone bright. Desperate the band followed the star. And as the sun rose to greet the world the Great Oasis stood before them. They now called the Oasis home and countless generations of Elves were born.

Sharana, however, did not Recognize again until a generation or two had past. She then Recognized Freestar. He was a kind and loving elf. The two of them conceived a son, Treston. From him the line of chiefs was born. She saw many things happen over her life. She saw the elves befriend a primitive form of the Dune Dog. Less intelligent and stockier. The same dog also bred the jackal of the desert. However, it was from the thousands of years of elven influence and tinkering that made the Dune Dogs the intelligent creatures they are. There are too many things to talk of. She recognized others and had plenty more children. But almost two generations before the present the recognitions stopped. She watched everyone who crossed the desert with her die one by one. The last one, Desera (First Born, 4 years during crossing), died in Sharana arms as a human arrow pierced her heart.

TALENTS (MAGIC): Sending, she is probably the strongest sender the tribe. Astral Projection, though nothing like Savah's she can go out of body once in awhile. Empathy, she is very strong in this aspect. With only a thought she can calm the most troubled and frightened mind. She uses this power to sooth the nerves and never to harm. Halban once called her the Tamer of the Soul, because she could calm almost anything.

PERSONALITY: She is in every way motherly. She is kind, gentle and soft spoken. She listens patiently to what is told to her and gives sound advice in return.

SKILLS: Her skills are many. She has a wisdom that spans generations. She knows Gardening, Tanning, Herbalist, and other things.

OUTLOOK ON LIFE: Her outlook is this: No matter how long you live, learn all you can. For true wisdom is that you learn from life itself.

LIKES: The desert in the cool evenings. The Winter Star and other festivals. Listening to and telling of stories. The simple task of working in the gardens.

DISLIKES: Runners, the harmful humans, Priests, and death.

SEES SELF AS: A Mother to the whole tribe, Teacher, and Elder.

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: She has one flaw. She can be a bit vain when it comes to festival clothing. She is probably the only elf to have a large amount of festival clothes.