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"Huntress Of The Winds"


PLAYED BY: Theresa

POSITION: Huntress Of The Winds and Keeper of The Throwback

SOULNAME: Tani (Tanee)


PRESERVER NAME: Stripey Highthing

RACE/TRIBE: DesertWinds Elf

GENDER: Female

ORIGIN: Born during the Wandering Years.

AGE: 50

HEIGHT: Average elf height

LOVEMATES: None before Kigen or after.

LIFEMATES: Kigen (Ky'gen)



MOM: Ame(Aim'ee)

DAD: Kaze (Kaz) Deceased, Second of the EastWinds

SIBS: One brother, Kumo.(Koo'mo). One deceased sister, Hana

KIDS: Akan (A' kan)

OTHER: Aunt Vindra


GENDER: Female

AGE: 3 years

COLOR/LOOKS: White with tan right front paw.

FACTS: As a runt of the litter she should have died but Shima was won over by her fierce will to live. Cared and nurtured by Shima, Ato is still small but an equal to any other dune dog.




AGE: Old for a Dune Dog.

COLOR/LOOKS: Black with white and gray fur around his mouth and eye from age.

FACTS: Large dune dog. Returned to camp after Kigen's disappearance battered and bleeding. Once a handsome dune dog, Tora now bares scars. One eye is gone and most of the hair on the tuff of his tail. He guards Shima with a fierce devotion. Perhaps on the command of Kigen.


HAIR: Blond, below shoulders and very curly

EYES: Blue

MOUTH: full and pouty

SKIN SHADE: Dark brown with darker brown almost black stripes covering her body.

SCARS/DISTINCTIONS: No physical scars. She was born with the stripes

BUILD: Athletic, petite, all most feline.

CLOTHES (SUMMER AND WINTER): : Huntress to the heart, wears only animal skins. To Shima clothing is at the bottom of her list of what is important. Her outfit stays the same no matter what the season. If she gets cold she will add a layer. Too hot, she will shed some clothes. She wears a headband to keep her wild locks under control. It is also the only item she has that comes in multiple bright colors. Around her shoulders fastens her cape. It has a hood to protect her from the sun and can be tucked across her face to shield her from blowing sand. Her shirt is usually a sleeveless half-shirt that laces up the front. The pants have a dark brown breech cloth that tucks into the top. Around her waist a sash holds her weapon in place. On her right leg is a knife sheath. Her almost knee-high boots are made from soft leather with thick soles and a wide tie holds them in place. For the really important ceremonies she will don the snake skin cape her brother gave her.

JEWELRY: The most important jewelry she wears is a leather bracelet. It was a present from her Lifemate who wears a matching one. Shima has a single gold bangle ring around her left ankle, a gift from her father. She also wears simple gold hoop earrings mostly to keep her mother happy.


HISTORY: (Read ~The Promise~ )

Recognition came too soon for this young huntress. However, love soon followed. After the disappearance of her lifemate, Shima continues doing her duties . . . raising Akan, hunting and protecting. Though everyone says he is dead, Shima knows Kigen is alive. She refuses to leave the tribe to seek him out. There are too few of them (Desertwind tribe members) as it is. Sunset finds her waiting for his return.

Onsha recently promoted Shima to the rank of Huntress of the Winds. As she once described it ... Secca is her right hand and Shima is her left. Shima finds herself in Leadership roles more often ... she is honored by her Chieftess decision but still relies on those around her, especially Kumo, for aid.

(You can find out more about Shima's past and what she is doing now by following the story link at the bottom of this page)

TALENTS (MAGIC): None only Sending

PERSONALITY: Very duty bound. Used to be more carefree before her lifemate disappeared. Now you'll only catch a glimpse of that elf around Akan. Most of the time a silent, dutiful huntress.

SKILLS: A good hunter, a loyal mate, a devoted mother.

OUTLOOK ON LIFE: She waits for the day Kigen will return to her. However, she does not live for it. She lives for the tribe and puts them before all else.

LIKES: Sunset, Akan's smile, a good kill, and the touch of her mate.

DISLIKES: Sunset, distractions when she hunts, being apart from Kigen, her brother when he becomes over protective and hood spiders.

SEES SELF AS: A protector of the tribe. Wants to be in the front lines to shield her loved ones.

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