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(Shaper of Trees and Clothing)




    KNOWN BY: Rykos, Zardesh, Nirene, and Valash


PRESERVER NAME: "Soft-Light Highthing"

RACE/TRIBE: Elf / DesertWinds Tribe

GENDER: Female

ORIGIN: NorthWinds

AGE: 760

HEIGHT: 3'6"

LOVEMATES: A few over the years


    Rykos (Dead) - A rather elegant fastidious elf whom she Recognized at about 200 years of age. He died from a stingtail bite, the healer couldn't reach him in time. He had short black hair, thin frame and slanted blue eyes.

    Zardesh - Hunter, dancer and unbelievably bad poet, whom she Recognized at about 560 years of age, shortly after Rykos died. He has long black hair with light streaks on either side. His face is framed by big, fluffy bangs as well as braids on either side.
RECOGNIZED: Yes, Rykos and Zardesh


MOM: Naru (Na'roo) Died during the Slaughter. She was well over 5000 years old

DAD: Shike, possessed the magic of self-change. Died at the hands of a human at the Slaughter. He was over 5000 years old.

SIBS: Three sisters and one brother. All dead now except one sister, Ame


    Nirene - 560 years old, a huntress. She is Rykos' daughter, and takes much after him much. She has short, black, curly hair, and pale blue-violet eyes. Usually wears a short tunic of deep violet-blue. There is a lot of tension between her and her mother; the two don't see eye to eye.

    Valash - 200 years old, hunter and hawker. He is Zardesh's son. He has rather short, perpetually windblown auburn hair, and gray eyes. He is very close to both his parents, though he doesn't know his half sister very well. He hunts with a desert hawk, whom he befriended and trained. He is secretly in love with Secca.

OTHER: Hana, (Niece, Killed At The Slaughter), Kumo (Nephew), Shima (Niece) and Akan


ANIMAL: Dune Dog


AGE: 3

COLOR/LOOKS: Tan fur with sandy gray patches, golden eyes and leggy body

PETS: None


HAIR: Once brown, bleached nearly to silver from the exposure to the sun, shoulder length, curls a bit under, wispy bangs

EYES: Deep violet with silver flecks; shaped rather like softened rectangles, and large.

MOUTH: Thin, bow-shaped upper lip; full sensuous lower lip


NOSE: Pointy and small


BUILD: Short, plump and buxom

OVERALL FACE: Oval; cheekbones are high, but not very prominent; chin is rounded; eyebrows are dark, low and arched.

VOICE: Low, slightly throaty, and pleasant


COLOR SCHEME: Shades of lavender and purple, gray, whites and sometimes yellow on special occasions


    Outfit 1) short, winged top with wrap around front, braided trim at neckline; low-cut tight pants with laces down the front & back of each leg; high boots with braided trim

    Outfit 2) short, low-cut winged top with long sleeves, fitted to elbow, puffed to wrist, fitted over hand, golden band at neckline; low-cut, full, loose pants; golden belt; soft, low boots; two-tone bandana

    Outfit 3) short, off-the-shoulder dress with feathery, layered sleeves and skirt; made of shimmery yellow moth fabric

JEWELRY: Necklace of crystal beads and animal claws and teeth

WEAPONS/TOOLS: Knife and clothes making tools (Loom, Spinning Wheel ... etc.)

HISTORY: Revealed by the rest of the CIS pretty much

TALENTS (MAGIC): Sending and she is a very powerful Treeshaper; She considers this a cosmic joke, to have such a strong, useless power; and one way for her tribemates to get her really mad is to tease her about it

PERSONALITY: Calm & gentle; competent; can be bossy and outspoken, but in a motherly way; tough underneath, otherwise she would never have survived so long; a bit temperamental; hates humans with a passion; thoughtful & very observant, she always seems to know everyone else's business

SKILLS: Her tribal function is that of seamstress; she delights in making beautiful clothes for her Tribemates to wear

OUTLOOK ON LIFE: Life is harsh and cruel, but if you work hard and love others, you will be happy and content.

LIKES: Vindra's great joy in life is dancing; she loves to dance by herself, with her Lifemate, or with whatever Tribemates care to join in! She also enjoys riding at night, plants, the night breezes, children, pricklejuice (an alcoholic drink made from cacti), Zardesh's (attempts at) poetrył and watching her loved ones act just like themselves.

DISLIKES: Her treeshaping power, humans (she's lost too many loved ones to them) and traveling for long periods of time

SEES SELF AS: She doesn't think about herself in general, but she probably considers herself to be a wise, motherly sort of person, always willing to help anyone in the tribe.

DesertWind Artwork By Rachel