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Cliff Climbers

Cliff Climbers: (Cliff Monkey to Humans)- A rather curious creature that live about an average of 50 years in captivity, about 40 in the wild. The never-ending cliffs are a steep and rather unlivable place for most of the desert inhabitants. But these furry little critters have evolved where they are able to easily live there. They have long limbs for reaching for those hard to reach handholds. Their tails are much shorter then most monkeys. This shorter tail is used for scaling down the cliffs. The tip is covered in tough callused skin, and can be used to hang by the cracks in the cliff wall. They are omnivores. They can either eat the tender shrubs of the tough woody plants that have survived on the rock face, or eat the variety of cliff dwelling bugs. They love eight-legs, especially the large furry ones. Both elf and human hunt them, though they make a tough catch. One can only really kill them with projectiles. Their meat is a delicacy rather tender. But not only are they a food source, they are also tamable if caught at a young age. Cliff Climbers bring big bucks overseas. Though humans are not the only ones to keep these critters, elves are also known to take in the little orphans.