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Elf Character Information Sheet

Remember, you have to create a CIS for EVERY character you wish to play. And DETAILS ... DETAILS ... DETAILS!

You can use this FORM or Download a RICH TEXT DOCUMENT and E-mail it to the addresses found at the end of this page. Make the webmistress's job A LOT easier.

The following information will not be given out without permission:

NAME: Your name

ADDRESS: Your address for mailing purpose

GENDER: Self- explanatory, I hope

The following information will be posted for all to see:

CHARACTER NAME: The name for your character

PLAYED BY: Your name and e-mail unless you say otherwise

SOULNAME: If your character knows it

SOUL BROTHER/SISTER: Name of any soul sisters or brothers your character may have

PRESERVER NAME: Or Holt DOESN'T have Preservers at this time, but if we did ... what might those pesky critters call your character?

RACE/TRIBE: According to the rules this would be Elf / DesertWinds

GENDER: Is your character male or female

ORIGIN: Look back at the rules to see if your character would be from one of the separate Wind Tribes (pre-slaughter) ... or DesertWinds (after the slaughter) ... or even before the tribe split into the separate Winds. Remember these are your only choices ... your character must be from DesertWinds.

AGE: Age of your character

HEIGHT: Height of your character

LOVEMATES: Any Lovemates past or present of your character

LIFEMATES: Any Lifemates past or present of your character

RECOGNIZED: Yes or No ... and if so, to whom


MOM: Name and status (Living/Deceased)

DAD: Name and status

SIBS: Name(s) and status

KIDS: Name(s) and status

OTHER: Name(s) and status


ANIMAL: Dune Dog (According to the rules only kind you can have)

GENDER: Female or Male

AGE: How old is the critter?

COLOR/LOOKS: What does your dune dog look like? May also include personality and such.

PETS: Name, age, and description of the pet


HAIR: Description of your character's hair color/style

EYES: Shape and color of your character's eyes.

MOUTH: Shape of your character's mouth

SKIN SHADE: The color of your character's skin

NOSE: Describe your character's nose

SCARS/DISTINCTIONS: Any identifying marks that your character has

BUILD: Your character's overall build

OVERALL FACE: Shape of the character's face

VOICE: What your character sounds like when they speak


COLOR SCHEME: Basic colors your character likes to wear

CLOTHES (SUMMER AND WINTER): Describe the clothes that your character usually wears.

JEWELRY: Describe any jewelry your character likes to wear.

WEAPONS/TOOLS: What kind of weapons or tools your character uses

HISTORY: History of your character, have fun ... give details. But at the same time don't get too long winded ... write a story instead.

PERSONALITY: The personality of your character

SKILLS: Any special skills your character has

OUTLOOK ON LIFE: How your character views life

LIKES: What your character likes

DISLIKES: What your character dislikes

SEES SELF AS: How your character views themselves

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: Any special points about your character

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