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The Elves Of

DesertWinds Tribe

Character Name Owner's Name Postion in the Tribe
Onsha Kimberly Stewart Chieftess, Warrior and Huntress.
Althair Ephnat Night Guard And Protector
Ame Maggie Master Archer and Gardener
AzrayP-NPC(Shannon) Scout
BrekkeJamie Lano Tribal Flirt
Chavrise Gina Timid Huntress and Tanner
Halban John Stewart Storyteller and Hunter
Hatani Kit Healer Of The Holt
Kigen P-NPC(Theresa) Tracker *Missing until further Notice*
Kiin Rachel Winddancer
Kumo Tony Hunter, Warrior and Bad @$$
Moontiger Francheska Tanner and Hunteress
Secca P-NPC(Kimberly) Tribal Second, Warrior and Huntress
Sharana NPC The Revered Mother and Elder
Shenleet Isaac Music Is Her Way
Shima Theresa Keeper of the Throwback and Huntress Of The Winds
VindraRachel Seamstress and Treeshaper

AkanP-NPC(Theresa) Son Of Shima and Kigen
Isbeth Elizabeth Line Youth and Hunter-In-Training
Jardan P-NPC(Kimberly) Son of Onsha and Halban AND Future Leader of DesertWinds
SashaP-NPC(Kimberly)Daughter of Onsha and Halban
Seeker Shannon Youth and Waterseeker

Garden of the Dead
KazeP-NPC(Theresa and Maggie) He protected the tribe with his life

** WARNING!!! ** We Are Starting Over From Scratch If You See Your Character Gone And You Still Want To Be In The Holt Please Contact AND