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DesertWinds Holt Presents:

(Or for our elves, "The Festival of Remembrance")

Hello, one and all to DesertWinds celebration of our holiday called Halloween. However, though they may not wear costumes or pass out candy, their version of this day has spiritual meaning. They call this day, "The Festival of Remembrance". It is a day they honor those that have gone on to the palace of the High Ones. However, they also believe that on that night the souls of their dead visit them in the Garden of the Dead. Maybe this is true, like so many the greatest is of the soul. Anyhow, please enjoy this little selection of art and fiction.

"Sasha Kitty and Akan Puppy" By Onsha



A Season Remembered

by: Ame

Not a scary story, but a wonderful tale besides


The Kiss of Fear

By: Shima

How Shima got her fear of spiders




The One Breasted Amazon

By: Onsha