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A Haunting Past

By Isbeth

Celest threw herself up into a seated position; another nightmare tortured the young woman. She wiped the sweat from her brow and looked around.

The same old room sat in her view. Weapons hung from the walls or rested on shelves built into the walls. On a dresser sat various vials, and on a table not far away from the only item that held her clothes was various ingredients and such that Shadow strike used for making the poisons she sometimes needed.

Celest stood up and looked out the window it was dark and the two moons were full, lighting the streets with a blue glow. Celest would soon don her clothing and become Shadow Strike one of the better assassins in the port city.

Celest leaned against the sill of the window and watched the moons, she reached up and brushed the bangs aside and ran her fingers over the patch she wore. She was never quite sure if what had happened had been a good thing or not. She lost her eye, but gained her brother's friendship and love in the same day. Celest closed her eyes and the images of her haunting past flashed through her mind.

Celest slipped through the shadows quietly, she wasn't sure how she could be so hard to spot, or how she knew how to sneak around. She was not more then seven and barely talked to her family, they regretted her being born because Baine hated her, and everyday she saw it more and more.

That day Celest had decided to go outside the city and play in the desert. Maybe she'd find something that would win over her brother and make him realize she was his little sister and she wanted to be his friend. Her biggest mistake was to go out by herself and unarmed, but what did children know of danger.

She easily slipped out of the city and ran into the desert, though she didn't think she was all that far away from home. The desert was barren to her and after walking for a little while she'd decided to take a rest. Her feet hurt and she hated the idea that she wasn't finding anything to give Baine. She looked up at the sky, it was a beautiful blue color that day and she thought it wasn't too hot either.

Celest was soon to find that she was not the only one taking a stroll that day. She had decided it was time to retreat back to the city, giving up on finding something for her brother, when the attack came. She stopped dead in her tracks as a shadow seemed to loom over her, but that wasn't too hard for a seven year old she was no more then maybe three foot five inches, short really for her age.

A loud growl no more then a few inches away from her head caused her to turn around there looking at her like she was it's next meal was the largest Desert Tiger the little girl had ever seen. It was also the only Desert Tiger she'd seen. She gulped softly and spoke in a soft and scared voice "N-nice K-Kitty…"

The tiger growled again and snapped at Celest who managed to dive away before she was tiger chow. Unfortunate for her, the tiger was one step ahead some how and just as she was standing up the tiger's claws struck and sank into her face.

That was the last thing Celest remembered. The tiger had hit her hard and knocked her out.

Celest shook her head and stood up getting ready, she had another job tonight. She wasn't too happy about the low price she'd had to accept, but it was enough to get her to the next job. She stretched and pulled her gloves on, giving one last glance out the window she thought to herself "Well it wasn't what I exactly wanted, but living was a good enough gift for Baine." She then slipped her mask on and slipped out the door without a sound.