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The Bonds That Ties

By Shima

The flute was cool to the touch. Lifting it to her lips, the elf played a few soft notes. Then with more confidence music filled the cave she sat in. Within her heart she sang the words only she knew.

It was not until the last note faded into the still night air, that the elf who was listening broke his silence.

"Every time...the same play that melody."

"It was the song that sang in my soul every time we touched."

"Tell me, Sister...does the music still play?"

"Deep down inside me. In secret place in my heart, where no other can hear."

"I shared my soul name with Kigen, but don't share the bond you have. I would of long ago given him up to the desert if not for you. Tell me once more, how you know he still lives."

"To put such a bond into words?" She laughs softly but without joy. "I will try, Brother. Before...when we were close. I could sometimes see the bond uniting us. A ray of light, that connected our souls together. Even separated the light never dimmed or wavered."

"The night he disappeared, the bond between us shattered into a thousand shards of shimmering light. I truly thought he was dead. Until I noticed the strand of light. Now only as big as a spider's delicate web, so tiny and yet so bright. It follows me everywhere...even here, tonight. Never any bigger but also no dimmer."

"This slender strand will lead my heart and soul mate home...or me to him if he cannot find his way back."

"How long will you wait?"

Shima shrugged her shoulders as she stood. "I do not know. The time for me to seek might come. But I am needed here and here is where I will stay until I am needed no longer."

Kumo let his sister lead the way back to the Holt. The warrior thought about the ray of light she had spoken of. He had never heard of anyone actually seeing such a bond. However, the world was full of strange and wonderful things. Like a tiger-striped elf, whose love will never fade. Gathering his vast power from within he cried out for his soul brother.


There came no reply but for a moment Kumo swore he saw a shimmering ribbon of light swirl around his retreating sister. Smiling he hurried to catch up with her.

**Okay, Brother, we'll wait...but if she has to come for you...she will not be seeking alone.**