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Rescue And Union

-Part Two-

By Onsha

The sky lightened slowly as the dawn approached, there were few people out that early in the day. Not as many eyes to watch. It was ideal for the two cloaked figures that cautiously made their way through the sleeping town.

The chink of chain mail and the plod of shod hooves reached their ears. Swiftly and seemingly without sound they ducked into a nearby alley. Two armed guards on horseback never even noticed the figures as they went by.

"Those are the Holy Guard, the Lord High Priest thinks they are needed." One of the cloaked figures whispered

"He must suspect the cause." Onsha glanced around the corner and watched the guards turn a corner.

A chuckle escaped the other. "If he does, I don't think he would expect us."

Onsha looked at the other, "But Mellar, you are obviously one of us. How can they not think so?"

A smirk crossed the other's face, "That's the beauty of it. Father convinced the commoners that I was a freak of nature ... deformed so to speak." He shrugged. "They pity me, instead of suspect me." He made his way back on the street and dashed on with Onsha in his wake. They were almost to the outer limits of the city.

A robed person made his way out of the alley that the elves had just occupied. The face was shrouded in shadow. The figure stood there and watched the elves run on. With a slight nod he turned and moved back into the city.

"Hey! Who are you? What's your business at this time in the morning?" A gruff voice asked.

With slow ease the figured turned to face the questioner. A medallion flashed briefly, which brought a gasp from the two guards who were behind him. "Forgive me, Brother, I did not know." There was fear in the voice.

The figure nodded and continued on his way.

"What is the Brotherhood of the Just doing out at this time of day?" The questioning guard's companion whispered.

The other shook his head "I don't want to find out." He leaned closer to his cohort and whispered "I hear rumors that if they let you see their face you know you are dead." Both involuntarily shudder and continue on with their rounds.

A short time later the Brother made his way into a dark room. The room was chilly despite the warmth outside. He shivered as he felt the presence of his God.

"Losing your wits at the sight of your God?" The dark melodious voice floated to his ears. The Brother only nodded. "Good." The word sounded like a sneer. A hand landed softly on the Brother's shoulder making him jump. "So did they get out of the city all right?" Again only a nod. "Wonderful!" The hand briefly squeezed his shoulder. "Now we let the Resistance and these Spirits think that all is well. Let them get comfortable," The figure moved around the Brother to face him, slowly making a fist. "Then we will crush them."

The Brother could never get over the sight of Mesardee, spirit features adorned him. His God once told him he had been cursed to be that way by the Spirits themselves and it was the reason he wanted them dead. Only he even saw their God, he was chosen to be his servant. There were times; however, the Brother questioned the sanity of his God. Who could he tell? As part of the rite of the Brotherhood of Just his tongue was removed, so that he would not willingly or unwillingly give himself away or the secrets of the Just.

A gleeful giggle came from Mesardee. "Ah yes ... revenge, sweet revenge is within my reach." He spread his arms wide. "I shall kill them all!" His eyes were wild with ambition and something else inhuman ... the look caused the Brother to shudder.

The light of the sun touched Onsha's cheeks as she pushed the hood off her head. A smile lit her lips as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "I never thought I'd see the desert again."

"You were lucky this time. If we didn't have supporters in the temple, you'd be just another skull on the Priest's throne." Mellar pushed his hood back as well.

Onsha was quiet as she sent to her waiting companions. Their response was joyful and relieved. When done she turned to Mellar. "Are you sure you don't want to come back with us for a bit? Just to learn more about who you are?" She knew the answer it was in his eyes.

"I can't ... Father is going to get harassed about this and needs us around. Maybe someday I will be able to." Mellar looked grim. It was obvious he wanted to go, but knew those who loved him needed him more.

He was about to say something else when two elves arrived on Runners. A male elf, with a bandana on his head, was the first to get there. He literally flung himself off of the Runner and grabbed Onsha up in a fierce hug. ** I thought I had lost you. **

Onsha hugged him back. ** You should know me better then that, Love. ** She untangled herself from his grip. She looked at the others and motioned to Mellar. "This is Mellar. The one I told you about who was adopted by humans." She turned to Mellar and introduced the two elves. She motioned to the first elf, the one that had hugged her, "This is Halban, my Lifemate ... what humans would call my husband. And this is Secca, my second in command." She finished pointing to a dark-haired solemn looking female.

Mellar nodded to them. "Well, you all had better go. The priests will be looking for you still."

"You take care and do watch after your father. He's a good man as humans go and I won't want to see anything happen to him." She hopped up onto a Runner that was brought for her. "If any of you are in trouble and need our help, just go to the tall rock formation we call the Sky Tower. I will have people watching for you."

"Thank You, Onsha" Mellar put his hood back in place and headed back toward the city.

Onsha was happy to be headed home. Sendings of greeting reached her before she saw the camp. Two sendings in particular caught her attention. Her children Jardan and Sasha were sending such feelings of joy and love that only children can send.

** Mommy! You were gone long, long time. I taught you not come back. ** The tiny sending of Sasha brought with it a feeling of worry and relief.

** It's all right cubling. See I'm here now. I hope your waiting for me when I get to the camp. ** Onsha glanced at her Lifemate, who lovingly smiled back at her as he too heard their child.

** I will! Kitty be der too! He missed you too. ** Her sending was so serious that Onsha chuckled aloud.

The wall of the Unending Cliff stretched high above them. An opening large enough for them to enter, seemed small compared to the wall. The travelers went through the opening and were greeted by the tribe members on the other side. All wanted to make sure their Chieftess was truly all right. Her children were right there at the front; their faces lit up when they saw her.

"So our Chieftess returns to us from the human city. You must tell me what happened." Behind the children, towering over the other elves was the Revered Mother Sharana, one of the first of their tribe. She was one of the First Born of the High Ones. "I hope some good came from your adventure"

Onsha nodded "Yes, Mother, I will hold council with you in a moment ... I have brought back news." She slid down off the Runner's back and led it to the Runner pens, children in tow.

"Mommy! Mommy! Guess what!?" Jardan bounced in front of her happily.


"Ame showed me how to shoot a bow." His excitement was evident. "She ... she said that I had a talent for it." His chest puffed out a bit with pride.

Onsha unbridled the Runner and let it loose to join the rest. She reached down and ruffled her son's fire-red hair. "Good. You'll need to learn as much you can so that you will be a good Chief."

Sasha, holding a small sand tiger cub, pouted a bit "Ame woodn't let me. She said I too little."

Bending down on one knee, Onsha gave her little daughter a hug. "I'm sorry cubling, but she is right." She gives the kitten a pat on the head, which got her a loud purr in response. "But you are growing really fast, Sasha. And it won't be long and you will get to do the same thing."

The girl let out a big over exaggerated sigh "Yes, Mommy." She then brightened "Kitty killed a ravvit." She gave the kitten a big hug. "I was poud of him."

"I would be too. He'll be a good hunter when he gets older." Onsha kissed her kids on the forehead and head for the Revered Mother's tent. The children went to find their father, hoping for a story.

The Revered Mother's tent was dark compared to the bright light of the desert sun. She blinked rapidly to get her eyes to adjust. The Revered Mother sat relaxed on a pile of pillows and fanning herself with a fan made of palm fronds. "Please child sit and tell me this news you have."

"Thank you, Mother." Onsha thankfully sank down, happy to be able to relax. "I hope it is good news." The Revered Mother only nodded and Onsha continued. "Humans who are against the priests saved me. In fact, it was the leader of the city that heads this resistance."

"Really? So the humans war amongst themselves." The Revered Mother nods. "This could be to our advantage."

Onsha nodded. "I have formed a union with them. I have pledged our help." Onsha then proceeded to tell the Revered Mother her adventure. The elder listened carefully and had her repeat certain things.

"So this Lord has adopted the son of our dear departed Anlia. Well, that proves to me that he will not betray you. For if he betrays you, he betrays his son."

Onsha nodded "He looked so much like her. The resemblance is uncanny."

The Mother looked thoughtful for a moment. Then a sending touched Onsha's mind. **Be careful, my child. Do not trust anyone and always watch your back. I agree with you that this is all for the best. This will give us a better chance against the Priests and their God. ** Then aloud, "Let us go tell the other what is about to happen to our little group."

With that both went to bring the news of change to the tribe.

High Lord Sharon sat in a secret room in the bowels of the keep. Surrounding him was his advisors and other key members of the resistance. They group was upset and harsh words and arguments could be heard.

"Spirits! Helping Us! It's too dangerous."

"No. Don't you see? Open your eyes. The Spirits are magical and can help us. We can gain our freedom." A sound of genuine agreement went through the room.

"No! We do not know that the Spirits won't turn against us!"

Sharon stood up from his chair and bellowed "Silence!" The room went silent. "I met one of these Spirits, their leader. She installed in me the belief they will be the best allies we will ever have." He motioned toward his son Mellar who stood at the back of the room with his brother Aldris. "My adopted son is one! You all know that. Has he ever turned against us?"

A voice in the group spoke. "But humans raised him."

"So! Does not the tamed wolf turn on his master? Of course, he does. Mellar has not. Do you think I would lie to you? Or put you in danger?" Everyone in the room agreed that he would not.

"Now are we all in agreement of the Spirits as allies? Can you all accept their help?" He looked levelly at the people in the room. Every one nodded their head and Sharon saw it as another triumph for the resistance. He picked up his glass and held it up. "So let us toast to new hope and friendship."

The room cheered as glasses were raised. The Lord drank from his glass and then set it down on the table with a loud thud and a wry grin. "Now on to other matt…"Suddenly, Sharon stopped. His eyes filled with disbelief as his legs became weak and he slumped to the ground. His body spasm and twitched, his eyes wide with fear and then he was still ... the High Lord Sharon was dead.

Not The End ... More Coming Soon