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A Spring Day

- Part Two-

By Ame

Ame and Akan were sharing time together at the table. She was drinking a cup of tea, and he was trying to eat first-meal. The fact that two of his Snake Killers were trying to eat it for him made it difficult.

"Get Off!" Akan cried, picking up one of them and dropping him or her on the floor while the other one was dipping a paw into his plate, trying for some syrup or a piece of wheat-cake. Luckily, Little Foot had taken a fancy to Ame, and had wound himself around her neck.

"So, kitling, may I borrow Little Foot and take him outside with me?" Ame asked, trying not to laugh.

"Gran'ma, you c'n borrow all of ‘em! I want to eat, and dey won't let me!" Akan cried, "C'n you help, Please?"

Ame got up and put a few roughly chopped-up wheat cakes into a bowl with a large helping of wheat syrup and placed it on the floor by Akan's feet. The Snake Killers had noticed Ame going into the kitchen, and were intensely watching her actions. As she placed the bowl on the floor, they pounced on it and started devouring the contents. "Well, kitling, are you happy now?"

"Y's, fank you Gran'ma." He looked up from his now-empty plate. "Can I have some more, please? Dey ate half b‘fore I could."

"Of course you can, sweeting." Ame chuckled, "How many cakes do you want, three or four?"

"Three please, Gran'ma." Akan answered, "And could dey have some more when dey is done?" He asked pleadingly, "It's only so dey don't eat my food too."

"So, do you both want syrup with that?"

"Yes, please." Akan replied. "Gran'ma? Could I take some of dese ‘cakes home with me when mommy comes back?"

"Of course you can sweeting, but I was going to give you some to take home anyway. Your mother likes these too, you know." Ame said. "She used to have these just like you do. Now," Ame continued talking as she was preparing the extra helpings. "Once I give you this, I'm going to get ready to go outside to do the rest of my gardening." She put the plate down in front of Akan after she had scraped the extra portion for the Snake Killers into their bowl. "Remember the rules, plates and spoon in the bowl after you both have finished eating. Ok?"

"Ok Gran'ma." Akan said. "Can I go play outside after?"

"Of course you can, but tell me when you do. All right? You know where I'll be."

"Y's Gran'ma, fank you."

Ame went to get her head scarf and gardening tools from the corner, then went back to give a hug to Akan before she went outdoors. "Now remember, tell me when you go out to play."

She went back to the spot in the garden where the animal had been found by Digger, picked up Little Foot from around her neck and put him there. "Now, do you smell anything there, little hunter?" Unfortunately, he just climbed up and wound himself back around her neck after giving a sniff to the hole in the ground. Ame filled in the hole, then went to the area where the animal had dug itself into the ground after fleeing. The moment Ame placed Little Foot on the ground, he started digging furiously at the place the animal had escaped into. A handsbreadth of time after Little Foot had disappeared below, there was a fury of sounds erupting from the hole along with the occasional spitting of soil. After a brief scuffling fight, there was a final sharp scream, then silence. A moment after, some scuffling was heard as if something was being dragged back up into the sunlight. Ame watched warily to see what would be coming from the entrance.

Little Foots' hindquarters appeared first, followed by the rest of him dragging a mat of black hair a little larger than himself. He stopped after dragging the mat free, then gave a snort with a flick of his head followed by an all-over shake. He looked up at Ame, then proceeded to climb to her shoulder where he started to groom himself along with her ear.

"So, Little Foot, a good fight?" Ame asked, before reaching back to give him a scratch. "Is he not good eating then?"

She prodded the mat to find if there was still life in it, and finding none, turned it over to see if she could identify it. Unfortunately, she could not, but placed it into her tool basket to take back into her tent, to see if any of the hunt could after they returned. She filled in the hole, and as she stood up, Akan let her know he was done eating, and had put the dishes into the washbowl.

Luckily, this was just as she was starting on the way back to her tent.

**Sweeting, I'll just be a minute, please wait for me. **

**Okay Grandma. **

The garden was not too far away from Ame's tent but it was planted in a semi-haphazard fashion, among a large patch of desert greenery. This helped to disguise it if any unwanted people decided to explore in the area. She arrived back and Sasha was playing with Akan.

"Hello Sasha, where is Jardan? Is he going to come over today ?"

"Hello Auntie, Jard'n is still eating. But he will be coming. He wants to see you, spech'lly"

Ame nodded and thought before answering. "Does he want an archery lesson, kitling?"

Sasha tilted her head and then shrugged her shoulders. "I think so, but I forgot. Sorry"

"That's ok sweeting," Ame replied with a smile, "at least you remembered something. Thank you." She left to put her gardening tools away, and picked up the animal carcass from the basket before draping her headscarf over it. As she turned around, Akan was at her side.

"What's dat?" He asked, reaching out his hands. "Did you kill it?"

"No kitling, Little Foot did. That is why I asked to borrow him, remember?" As Ame said this, Little Foot had climbed down from her shoulders to Akan's. "He was a very good hunter. I was pround of him." Akan smiled broadly and picked up Little Foot.

"Wow! Dat is a big animal Liddle Foot, an' I bet mommy will be proud of you too. I am." He stroked Little Foot and placed him back around his neck. He ran back to where Sasha was and began to tell her about Little Foot's prowess. Ame returned to the children after placing the carcass in a canvas bag. After calming Akan and Sasha down, she put her hands on Sasha's and Akan's shoulders.

"Well, have you two decided what you are going to do today?"

Akan turned to Sasha and then looked at Ame "Gran'ma, we were wond'ring. Could we make some sweet pies?"

"Yes, of course we can kitlings, but not today." Ame leant over. "I was thinking, why don't we wait for Jardan, and then we can all go on an adventure."

Not The End ... More Coming Soon