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Character Creation


So you have looked over the home we call, DesertWinds and want to join. Then you have come to the right place. All I ask is that your read over this page carefully. It will make the whole process a lot less painful for you and myself. If anything confuses you, please feel free to e-mail myself at or my side nudge at After you have read over this page, use the links at the bottom to start your very own Character Information Sheet ... or as we call them here, your CIS.


These are the DO'S and DO NOTs. Please pay careful attention. I know it seems strict, but in truth it just makes everything easier in the long run ... as well as preserve the integrity of the Holt.

1. DO NOT create a character not of DesertWinds' decent. This means no wanderers, dead Holts, lost Holts or half-breeds. We already have too many non-DesertWinds characters. If I continue to take non-DesertWinds' characters, there will be no use for this Holt and I might as well create an open Holt. If you must have a non-DesertWinds' character, then there are plenty of open Holts out there. This rule also applies to family, which means your PARENTS also came from DesertWinds. Also do not create a character 'raised' by humans ... Mellar is the ONLY elf within the Holt with deeply involved human roots ... it is an extremely rare event.

2. DO take your time with your CIS (Character Information Sheet). Look over other CIS's and compare them. And please, details!!!!

3. DO NOT create a character with MAGIC, without approval first. (Other then Sending) It's just as fun to have a normal elf. A character with well define skills can be just as good if not better then a magical character.

4. DO NOT give your character a Bond Beast that is not a Dune Dog. We do have few members with other Bond Beasts, and I am guilty for that. But the truth of the matter is, the Dune Dog is the official DesertWinds' Bond Beast. So I am no longer taking other types of Bond Beasts. However, if you have something that is not a Dune Dog they can be pets. Please use sense when you are filling out the Pets and Bond Beast’s sections of your CIS. Having both is fine, but in my book if you have a Desert Tiger as a pet and a Dune Dog, that's too much. Having a Dune Dog and then maybe a springhare... or a Snakekiller, that's fine.

5. NO more then one official elf and human per member. This helps keep down the confusion.

6. In this Holt we allow people to have P-NPCs (Personal Non-Player Characters), but these are limited to family members. We also ask you do not create more then 4 P-NPCs, such as Mom, Dad, Sib (Elves rarely have more then two children. Multiple sibs will be an automatic no.), and/or Love/Lifemate. Please do not abuse this privilege. Plus remember you must make a CIS for each character.

7. If you are creating a Human remember that according to Richard and Wendy Pini, humans have no magic.

8. Character Age - When you are working on the age for your character here are a few things to remember. If your character is older then 10,000 years, he/she is originally from the pre-split DesertWinds. After 10,000 years your character is part of the Tribes of the Four Winds (SouthWinds, NorthWinds, EastWinds, WestWinds). If your character is younger then 200 years they are from post-split DesertWinds tribe, after the Slaughter. No elf can be older then 15,000years.

9. DO NOT create a character originally from the Stray Ones. Except for Sharana and Mesardee none of the others survived. Also, Mesardee has no off-spring ... his one and only child was still-born.

10. DO make you CIS readable. I have had some that I cannot read well. Just tell what I need to know (in detail), but no flourishes. Like character poses. I will reject unreadable CIS's.

11. DO spend time on your character's history. To get your character fully approved I need the character's history. It's hard for me to judge a character without really knowing who they are. It doesn't have to be through, but I will at some point need a through history. Make sure to include important stuff ... encounters with humans and such.

12. Tribal Positions - Certain positions within the tribe must be asked for ... these would include an Elder (It's an honor to be an Elder), a Healer (They are RARE to the DesertWinds Holt) and Rockshaper (A VERY important role). Other positions to think of would be ... Runner Trainer, Candle maker, Potter, Water Bearer, Midwife, Tanner & Rope Maker. Also open to other suggestions as well.

If you choose to make a character of importance ... Elf (Magic User, Elder) or Human (Lord, Lady, Captain) ... please go HERE ... for they have special rules in ADDITION to the ones found on this page.

Human Jobs: Everything you can think of.

That's all the rules for now, I hold the right to change items as the come to my attention. If you have read over the above rules carefully and are ready to create a character Elves Go Here And Humans Go Here and fill out the CIS sheet.