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Magic of DesertWinds

Listed on the below some of the magic powers in the world of ElfQuest. Not all of these powers have surfaced in DesertWinds. Some have not appeared because there is no need of them in the desert world the elves are living in. Is WaterSeeking a form of WaterShaping? Probably, the ability of WaterShaping was not needed but finding water was very important to the survival of the tribe.

Limits to Magic:

There are boundaries to almost all the magic of ElfQuest. Heavy or extended use of any power will drain the user and leave the elf weakened.

Other limits to certain powers are:

Sending: Has a range limit. Although, the better one is at it the further one can send or receive.

Levitation: Some elves can levitate objects, but not themselves. While others can float only themselves. A few can do both.

Healing: A strong will can keep a healer from healing or an Anti-Healer from doing any serious harm.

Animal ImitationThe talent of walking and thinking like an animal so that the animals think the spell castor is also an animalVery Rare
Astral ProjectionThe ability for one's spirit to leave the bodyVery Rare
Deep-SensingThe ability to see deeply into another's heart and soul Rare
Fire-StartingThe ability to ignite combustibles mentallyVery Rare
FleshshapingThe ability to change and mold muscles, tissue, and bones Rare
Floating/GlidingThe ability to move through the air without support Rare
HealingThe ability to heal wounds, diseases, infections, set bones, and so on. Done so through a physic union with the patient's nervous system. Although difficult a healer can heal humans and animals. They can also cure "some" psychological disturbances. Rare
Healing (Anti)The act of using healing powers to cause physical pain. Rare
LevitationIs the act of raising an object or one's self into the air. Rare
Magic FeelingsOne's ability to sense magic Rare
Mental ShieldingThe ability to shield self or another from the mental attacks of another Rare
MetalshapingRelated to Rockshaping that involves metals Rare
ParalysisThe ability to suspend movement of another Rare
Plant/TreeshapingThe ability to stimulate growth of plants and shape living wood Rare
RockshapingThe ability to mold stone like clay Rare
SelfshapingThe ability to morph into another living beingVery Rare
SendingA kind of telepathy, can be to many minds or to oneCommon
Sending (Black)The ability to send mental painKind of Rare
Sending (Lock)Private sending between elves. Makes eavesdropping by another almost impossibleCommon
Sending (Group)An attempt to reach an elf or group of elves by joined mental forces(Common) Not Used A Lot
Sending (Open)Public sending to be heard by all that are closeCommon
Sending (Wolf)Is rare and difficult act between elves and wolvesVery Rare (Wolfriders Only)
ShieldingThe ability to protect against thrown, falling, or thrusting objects Rare
WatershapingThe ability to move water at willVery Rare
WaterseekingFOUND ONLY IN DESERTWINDS - The ability to locate water, even if it rest underground. (Most likely a branch off Watershaping) Rare
Sharana's EmpathyFOUND ONLY IN DESERTWINDS - The ability calm the most troubled and frightened mind (Probably a branch off Deep-Sensing)Very Rare
Mesardee's GazeFOUND ONLY IN DESERTWINDS - The ability control the minds of others by looking into their eyes. (Probably a branch off Paralysis)Very Rare

A More Detailed List Of ElfQuest Magic Can Be Found HERE

It has been a couple of years but I think I gathered this knowledge from the book "The Wolfrider's Guide to the World of ElfQuest" By Theresa Robeson ... even if I didn't still an awesome book that deserves mention. ~ Shima, Webmistress