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The Great DesertWinds

Character List

This is where the List of characters can be found. It has been seperated into two catagories: Elves and Ishmar. And below the table links is a key. That key tells you what means what on the tables.

Table Links

Elves of DesertWinds People of Ishmar

Table Key

Click on this to read the character's CIS. Those that do not have CIS will not have this ball.
NPC Non-Player character, also known as plot characters. You need to talk to holt leader before using these characters.
P-NPC NPC who needs a select persons permission to use in stories and like-wise. Name of person will be listed inside.
A-NPC This is a character up for adoption. But until they are adopted, permission must be given by the Holt leader to be used.
NAME Any owners name in this color is an offline member and has absolutely no access to the net.