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Snake Killers

Appearance: Think mongoose with a cat-like tail. This small furry creature's bodies are about 17 inches long, with tails 15 inches long. They have dense fur; this helps protect from the rock rattler's venomous fangs. They come in various colors.

Habits: Although the Snake Killer spends most of the time on the ground, it can climb walls and trees as well as a monkey. By rolling into a ball and jumping on its hind legs, it can leap high into the air. The Snake Killer is active during the day, when it hunts. At night it sleeps in a den it digs itself.

Breeding: Little is know of the breeding habits. Two months after mating, two to four young are born in a well-hidden nest in the ground. The newborn Snake Killers are lightly covered with hair, they are also blind for the first few days. The babies are suckled for several weeks. The young develop quickly and soon accompany their mother on hunting trips.

Food & Hunting: The Snake Killer is a skillful hunter that searches for prey by using its strong senses of smell and sight. It eats anything it can catch. Which would include small mammals such as rats, as well as eggs and a variety of insects, including the sting-tail. If the animal tries to flee, the Snake Killer chases it. It kills its prey while they are both running by delivering a bite to the neck or head. Although the Snake Killer eats snakes, including poisonous ones, the main diet consists of small animals that live on or under the ground.

Life Span: Up to 10 years

Quick Facts: