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Special Roles

Some positions in the Holt are deemed more important then others. These could be Elf or Human roles. For the Elves this Special Roles would include any magic users (other then Sending) and the Elders. For the Humans the Special Roles would include any leadership positions: Lords, Ladies ... Captains. For these positions we have added requirements. We consider these roles to important so there must be extra care in creating them ... as well as privilege to play and ask in return you do a little extra for the Holt.

  1. Answer This Question: Why do you think your character is the best for this position?
  2. Answer This Question: Why do you want this position?
  3. CIS - Must contain a detailed History
  4. CIS - Has to be well thought out and original
  5. Must be able to contribute to the Holt either by writing or artwork (or both)
  6. When you apply for the position you must include a CIS Picture (If you choose to do Artwork for the Holt) AND/OR A Story about how your character came into their power. (Either Magic, Position ... or if an Elder in the Elves A Story about their past.)
  7. If Accepted you will be expected to contribute one story and/or artwork a month (more are welcomed of course)

We are not making these rules to be mean ... we just want to give these positions to people who will openly participate in the Holt and help it grow. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in rejection of the character. Failure to uphold the one a month contribution to the Holt may result in removal of your character for your chosen role ... though ample warning will be given first.

That's all the rules for now, we hold the right to change items as the come to our attention.