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Art & Story Guidelines

Not following the below guidelines will result in immediate refusal of the product

So you want write a story or draw a picture.

Well, then youíre in the right place. Make sure you read these sections carefully, it makes the whole process less painful for you and I. If anything confuses you donít hesitate to e-mail me. When you finish your product email it to and to be reviewed and edited if needed.


These are the DO and DO NOT s. Please pay careful attention. I know it seems strict, but I've had too many problems with this sort of stuff.

1. DO NOT create a new tribe or new characters. Please do not create a new tribe for your story. We are the only tribe in the area that we know of. Creating 30 different characters that are not members is a BIG no-no. The only members in the tribe are the ones mentioned on CISs and the character list. The only exception is for the past, but you must talk it over with Onsha.

2. DO take your time with your story or artwork. Make sure it's exactly how you want it. Try to correct errors if you can. If you want the story editor to find the faults for you, make it clear when you submit the work. There is no need to hurry; we are very patient people.

3. DO NOT have a character meet members from other Holts or other Holts themselves. Timelines vary from Holt to Holt. DesertWinds is set during the time of Shards. However, if you must write a story like that, it will be placed under the section of 'What If?'

4. DO NOT bring ElfQuest characters into a story. DesertWinds is no where near the location of where the ElfQuest stories are happening. However, since Ishmar is a port city I will allow mentions of EQ happenings. BUT only among the humans and only mentions. There cannot be any ... "I met Gjunn." There can be ... "Did you hear what's happening to Gjunn?"

5. DO NOT write about DesertWinds' past without talking it over with Onsha first. I don't want any confusion about any of DesertWinds' past. I have certain ideas about the past and we need to talk about how everything can work around it.

6. Characters belong to those who created them. You can involve another person's elf in your stories (what would a Holt be if you couldn't) but before you send it to the editor send a copy to any of the owners who's elves you have used. They have final say on anything you write.

7. DO stay true to a characterís CIS. Killing, maiming, or otherwise changing any part of a character without owner's permission is not allowed.

8. DO NOT add to the geography of the Great Desert. Same with Flora and Fauna. You if would like to submit a new creature or plant please submit it to Onsha and she will talk it over with you.

9. Keep it PG-13 at the most. Graphic violence for the sake of violence is not acceptable (We are at war and some violence is necessary) Same with sex scenes, tasteful not tasteless. Remember we have some very young member.

10. Please save your submissions in a RICH TEXT (RTF) form. Otherwise there is the possibility it can't be read.

11. No more then two pages in length, please. Your story can be however long you want, but each chapter can only be two pages long.

12. Try to keep the size of pictures down to where they fit the screen. It takes up less space that way. If it's too big it takes up a lot of space on the site.

13. I have the right NOT to publish a picture or a story that I deem unfit.

That's all the rules for now. As things come to my attention I will add to this list.