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The Great Desert

"It is the land of Desert Demons! Beware!"

-Mesardee's Messenger: Warning to the People.

The desert in which the nomadic elves live in seems almost endless. It is about the size, if not larger, then the Sahara Desert. When one sees the barren dunes and sparse rocks, they probably wouldn't believe that this bleak land was an ongoing play of nature’s life cycles. Even though you do not see it all right away, the land is teeming with life. You just have to know where to look. However, this terrain is filled with dangers. Not only is the sun itself a threat, but various plants and animals that live within it.

DUNE DOGS - Bond Beast Of The Elves
PRICKLE BOARS - Prey For The Elves
RUNNERS - Transportation For The Elves
SAND COBRAS - Deadly Serpents Of The Sand
SNAKEKILLERS - Cuter Then Their Names
DESERT TIGERS - Kings Of The Desert
CLIFF CLIMBERS - Desert Primates
HOOD SPIDERS - Eight-Legs Of The Sands
MUD STINGERS - Hornets Of The Mud
MOON SPIDERS - Silk Weavers Of The Elves
STING TAILS - Tiny Hunters Of The Sands
RAVVITS - Hares Of The Oasis
HARD SHELLS - Moving Rocks
TUFT CATS - Felines Friends Of The Elves
STRIPE DEER - Swift Prey Of The Hunters
DEATH PITS - Silent Killer Of The Dunes
CLOTH PALMS - Leaves Into Clothing

Coming: Map of the Great Desert