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The Elves

"We Are Faced With a Fierce Storm, But We Will Survive."

- Onsha: A Chieftess' Promise to Her Tribe.

The elves have adapted to their hostile environment. A new magic has surfaced called WaterSeeking. The elves would not have been able to survive the human invasions without it. Over the centuries, the ears of the elves have lengthened to provide the ability to regulate body temperature, like the rabbit. Their skin has turned to deep golden brown from constant exposure to the sun. They are usually clad in desert gear, turban or head drape included. Their height doesn't get above five feet. Only two elves are taller then that and are considered Elders. These elves are said to be immortal, but the cruelty of the desert shortens the life expectancy.

There use to be four tribes, known as the Tribes of the Winds, but cruel fate and humans took the number down to one tiny tribe, DesertWinds. The tribe, though it has a main campsite, moves oasis to oasis in hopes that they can avoid humans. About the time spring comes to the desert they return to their main campsite. This may be risky, but this place holds a secret. The secret lies beneath a mountainous rock outcrop. Unknown to the human eye there is a large cavern in that outcrop, but Rockshaperís hands sealed the entrance. The great secret of the DesertWinds tribe is their 'Garden of the Dead'. This Garden is a place unlike any other It was created DesertWind's greatest Rockshaper, Soran, in grief over his lost family and tribemates. Light filters in from a small opening at the top of the cavern and reveals stone statues. So well shaped that they look like they could breath, the dead tribemates are forever immortalized in stone. The elves of the tribe believe that the spirits of their dead reside in the lovely cavern. All but the recently dead are immortalized in this way, because humans killed Soran not more then a few years ago.

Their bond animals are strange canine creatures. To give you an idea of what they would look like take a greyhound. Now give it large rabbit like ears. This is for regulating body heat. Add a bushy lionís type of mane and lionís tuff of fur to the end of the tail. Now just add large paws for better movement on the loose sand and you now have the Dune Dog. These canines are very sweet in nature, but fierce hunters. They are very fast runners. They can reach speeds that could match a cheetah's. However, these creatures too small to ride. The elves actually use and strange bird like creature, called Runners, to ride. They also use Zwoots for either pack animals or for riding.

The Stray Ones

Among this tribe there is Sharana, The Revered Mother, she is one of the first children of the High Ones. The High Ones have perished long ago by various desert dangers. To the tribe she is the last of the group of elves that crossed the desert. This original group consisted of High Ones and their children. They stumbled across the desert while running from human hunters. Afraid to go back the way they came, they continued into the desert. Just when they thought things couldn't get worse; they get caught in a sandstorm. Blinded by flying sand, they lost one of their members. After the storm they searched for him, but his was no where to be found. So they continued on their way. They found that the sandstorm had been a blessing in disguise. Not more the a few hours walking and they found an Oasis. They settled here and began to learn how to survive in this new environment.

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