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The Humans

"They Are But Puppets Under My Control"

-Mesardee, The Human's God

There are humans in this little play and like all races you will find good and evil characters. They live in the city of Ishmar, which is embedded into a large cliff wall. There is a rebellion within the city and it is led by a most unlikely person . . . the High Lord Crysmar Sharon. The High Lord rules the city and the High Priest rules Lord Sharon, or so the High Priest thinks. The Lord has secretly declared war on the Priesthood of Mesardee.

His secret weapon is his eldest son, Mellar Sharon. Mellar is an elf, saved after his mother was sacrificed to Mesardee. Since Lord Sharon and his wife had no children and feared they never would, they adopted Mellar. To hide the child's heritage, they cut the points off his ears and rounded them so they would pass as human. To explain the four-fingered hands, they told all who inquired that they were a deformity.

About ten years after they adopted the elf child, the couple was blessed with the births of three children. Their first born, Aldris, is the heir to the throne of Ishmar. The second child, Shanzena, was born blind and can only see the world through her fingers. Shunned by the other children she came close to Mellar, calling him Little Brother. The last of the children is Matrim, named after his mother who died during his birth.

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