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The Story

"Let Me Tell You A Story...."

- Halban: DesertWinds' StoryTeller

Among the dunes, a band of elves have learned how to survive. A band of elves, thrown together by fate. Their main thought is survival. Having once been four tribes, they were hunted down by bounty hunters, slavers, and anyone out to make money. All this, because there is a price on the elves' heads. Set by the Priests of Mesardee. Their religion fears the elves because of a prophecy uttered by a blind man. The prophecy states: "And it will come to pass that the Spirits of the Desert will come forth to take the power of Mesardee and give it back to the people."

The High Priest, also known as 'Mesardee's Messenger', is one of the greatest threats. He sacrifices every elf brought to him. Claiming it is for Mesardee's best interest. The High Priest is a man of mystery, his face forever hidden behind a mask. The masks he wears are pure white, to show the Pureness of Mesardee. The High Priest has a mask for each of Mesardee's moods.

The god, Mesardee, himself is real. Rumors uttered at gaming tables and sewing circles say that he lives among the humans. They fear him and so obey him. Little do these faithful followers know that their god is an elf. No one knows this fact, not even his pawn, the High Priest. Mesardee is the one who put the price on the nomads' heads. He craves revenge for being left for dead by the Stray Ones.

It seems after he was separated from the group by a sudden sandstorm, he stumbled across a rock formation and cracked his head upon it. Somehow he lost his ability to send. Because of this the others thought he was dead and moved on. He went half-mad from exposure and swore vengeance on the others for leaving him. He wandered around until a small tribe of humans found him. Later, that tribe became the prosperous city of Ishmar.

What will be the outcome? Who will win the war?

UPDATE! - Where our Story is now -

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Onsha, Chieftess of the DesertWinds Tribe was captured during a hunt. She met The Messenger and he informed her that she was to be sacrificed to the God.

The High Lord Crysmar caught wind of the news and send the Resistance to free her. The rescuers headed by an elf named Mellar, adopted son of Crysmar, saved Onsha from her fate.

Onsha made a deal with Crysmar to help the Rebellion against the Priests and their insane God. Little did they know they were playing into the God's hands.

Onsha returned to her tribe, while Crysmar gathered up the leaders of his little rebel group. Bad luck hit when the Lord was poisoned. Now Crysmar's oldest Son Aldris is the new Lord.

Onsha returned to the city at the request of Aldris, she was followed by her second Secca, Vindra, Seanu, Kyara & Kumo. Onsha gave Aldris the gift of a crown that he now wears instead of his traditional circlet. In return, Aldris made Onsha a knight. In the Temple, the Priest, once informed the elves had arrived, sends an assassin to the Sharon estates. The assassin was successful and stab Onsha wounding her terribly.

So now starts the desperate struggle to save the Chieftess, the tribe and the human's freedoms.

To Be Continued ...