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DesertWinds Holt TimeLine

Year Events
0 High Ones crash land on Two Moons. The High Ones scatter. Our ancestors were Lerenna, Grimdan, Hestrilla, Neramor, Ramstar, Teramilla, and Fressha. They ran west from the castle and hit a large body of water. They figured a way to make a boat and headed out into the water. Little did they know about the distance they would have to cover. They reached land but they were extremely weak. They recovered and start a new life
2 Lerenna and Grimdan Recognize.
4 Sharana is born. Neramor and Hestrilla Recognize a few months later.

Barlamar is born. Other Firstborns are born during this time.


Sharana and Barlamar Recognize. Humans start to hassle the group.
106 Sharana and Barlamar's baby is still born. They are driven apart by the tragedy of it.

Shortly after the humans chase the Stray Ones into the desert. They are caught in a huge sandstorm. It's last for about 3 days. Barlamar is lost and presumed dead.

When the sand starts clears the group catch sight a star and follow it. They discover the Oasis that becomes their new home.

Barlamar is found by a human group. After a show of his power, Barlamar, is made a God. Unfortunately he has no memory of who he is. But he is given the name Mesardee "Vengeful God of the Desert".

125 The group prospers and many children are born. Sharana is pick as a leader. Tyamar is born and the first born at their new home.
147 Neramor and Leranna die when they stumble into a Death Pit. Zwoots are discovered and tamed.
368 Tyamar sees the Ancestors(of the Dune Dogs) for the first time. He begins to carefully watch them.
370 After watching the Ancestors for so long, Tyamar tells the others of what he discovered. He suggests using these creatures to help them catch meat.
371 Tyamar stumbles across a litter of five puppies. The mother killed by a newly hatched Sand Cobra, but she took it with her when she died. And so Tyamar begins to train these new members. But there are flaws and so he starts to breed those flaws out, he uses a bit of magic to help it along.
2000 The humans, with their God, settle down in a place that connects the sea with the desert.
3757 The pre-Dune Dogs are breeding well and Sharana takes one as her companion.
4569 Sharana and Freestar recognize. Treston is born.
4978 Treston Recognizes an unknown female. Seese is born.
5023 A village starts to spring up around Mesardee. He now has his own temple and followers. He, out of amusement, lets the humans have a leader who runs the village. The "Desert Home" Ishmar is slowly born.
6465 Yaramon is born. Sharana is still Chieftess. And all is peaceful. A few have died from various Desert Dangers. But they all learn to adapt.
6600 Treston Recognizes Marion, First Born. Seese is captured and killed during a human raid.

Mesardee starts to regain his memory.

6602 Yaster is born. Grimdan dies while saving some of the elven children from a Dune Tiger. This is the first time Dune Tigers are seen by the elves.
6723 Mesardee learns about the elves and starts to plot his revenge. This same year he sends his followers after the peaceful tribe of DesertWinds. A elven hunting party was slaughtered. Yaster, Sharana's Grandson, works to teach the others to fight back.
6727 Sharana, impressed by Yaster's handling of the tribe, hands over the leadership to him. Yaster appoint Yaramon tribe second.
7223 Yaster is captured and sacrificed to Mesardee. Snakescar becomes Chief.
7279 DesertWinds tribe becomes the Tribe of the Four Winds. Yaramon Recognizes Snakescar's Lovemate, Sirri. Sirri threw herself off a cliff before Recognition could be answered. In anger, Snakescar threw Yaramon out of the tribe.
7282 SnakeScar Recognizes Teramilla. Teramilla is disgusted by the Recognition and totally refused it. SnakeScar forced her to fulfill Recognition. Furla was born.
7320 Yaramon returns to Desertwinds. He hides among the members of SouthWinds. Furla, Snakescar's daughter, finds out and persuaded Yaramon to tell her father the truth. Snakescar orders Yaramon killed, Furla challenges and loses. Yaramon and Furla are banished.
7984 SnakeScar and a large party of followers attack the then small town of Ishmar. Many are killed on both sides. Mesardee was given many sacrifices.
8222 Snakescar is killed when he falls into a death pit, while wrestling a human slaver.
8223 Furla becomes Chieftess. A time of peace begins
9000 PrickleFist become Chief.
9375 Mesardee appoints the first Lord High Priest and starts to secret himself away from human sight. All the followers that have seen the God are slowly eliminated and replaced by fresh blood.
10586 Seranna becomes Chieftess.
12548 Malnarn becomes Chief
13003 Casnar becomes Chief.
13100 Ishmar becomes a prosperous city. They have started sailing and finding other people to trade with.

Mesardee is now remembered as a God, and no longer seen as an elf himself.

13489 Tomar becomes Chief.
18452 Tyamar disappears and so the Dune Dogs are finally finished. No one takes up his work and never will. He was the only elf to have his powers to do so.
19813 Tomar Recognizes Zerah. Onsha is born.
19847 Mesardee begins to gather armies of hired men. He plans to wipe out the desert dwelling elves.
19850 Slaughter of the Tribes. Mesadee sends his huge army, led by his Brotherhood of the Just to kill the elves. Most of the tribe is wiped out. The Lord of Ishmar is disgusted by this act and so states to separate "church from state."

Onsha leads the survivors away from their home. And so begins a new chapter in the elves lives. Many of their number is missing and great many more are dead. A very large portion of the tribe are children.

19945 The first runner is seen during the elves wanderings. The elves are impressed by them and decide they would make perfect beasts of burden.
20000 The small ragtag tribe of DesertWinds, made up of survivors and their offspring returns to the Great Oasis. They are home. (Elsewhere, the palace shows up again in Abode.)

Onsha recognizes Halban.

20002 Jardan is born. One of the first children born since the return.
20008 Onsha Recognizes Halban again. Shima recognizes Kigen.

Onsha and Shima save the children from a slaver, but it causes both to go into labor. Both Sasha and Akan were born within minutes of each other.

20011 This is where the present of DesertWinds begins. Please go to the Story page to get the updates on what has happened so far.