The DesertWinds Holt is slumbering. I retrieved the site as it was last updated in December 2001 and moved it to my personal site, stories waiting for their endings, pages still under construction. I did this so all the work, memories, and joy the Holt gave me for the years it was part of my life would not be forgotten. Kimberly Stewart owns DesertWinds; you can see what she is up to now by visiting I am only keeping it from being lost in the sands of time. I believe this to be a timeless tale of good vs. evil, family, and adventure.

Thank you for stopping by, best wishes on the path you walk. ~ Theresa (Shima)

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Message from the Chieftess

Since I was a teenage reading ElfQuest, I've always wanted to start my own ElfQuest comic. After a rejection due to their downsizing (No hard feelings of course!), I decided to bring the elves to the fans. I figured it was the best way to bring into the public eye the plight of a small band of elves and the struggle of the humans that both embrace them as friends and threaten to kill them.

This Holt has always been a bit different then most. DesertWinds is a story, pure and simple. And everything that happens to its inhabitants revolves around this story. Through this Holt, I hope to write the story that I always wanted to bring to the inked page. At the same time have the many people within the Holt contribute to the story through the lives of their elves.

I kept the Holt going for a few years, until my Real Life took over and swamped me. I was carrying a large load and I had to step away and take a deep breath. Unfortunately, it's been two years and we've lost a lot of people. And it probably would have never come back if it hadn't been for Shima. Where I lacked in time, she had plenty.

So it's from her dedication and hard work that I am so pleased to announce that DesertWinds is back on its feet! I've so missed the people and the elves!

I hope we will draw in some new blood, and resurrect the old.

And thank you Shima for having the time and dedication to help bring this Holt back. And I hope everyone can forgive a Chieftess for making you wait all this time.

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